Bill Pay Exception Mitigation (BPE)

How it Works
The BPE Mitigation Opt-in Program provides a standard for billers to manage the exception process using the ACH Network, backed by the NACHA Operating Rules, to eliminate the “drop to check” phenomenon. Instead of sending a check, bill payment originators can use the BPE Mitigation Program to “tag” exceptions through use of a CIE transaction, an ACH payment type that now can include a BPE addenda record. The BPE addenda record is designed to provide billers with additional information about the consumer to help them repair exception payments electronically. Additionally, the BPE Mitigation Opt-in Program will require billers to send a Notification of Change (NOC) to provide the bill payment originator with corrected information so that the original error does not continue for subsequent payments.

What’s In It For You?
Participants will benefit from a more efficient system for dealing with exceptions, freeing up time and financial resources.

Participate in the Program
NACHA is currently seeking participants for the BPE Mitigation Opt-in Program. Participating organizations can include billers, biller service providers, financial institutions, payments providers and others. 

Get All the Details
See the Bill Payment Exception (BPE) Mitigation Opt-in Program overview, linked below, for summary information on the causes, volume and costs of bill payment exceptions. The presentation also summarizes the goals for the BPE program and explains how it works. For additional information, contact NACHA's Opt-in Program.


  • BPE Opt-In Program PPT: Summary PPT that provides an overview of bill payment exceptions, bill payment exceptions mitigation efforts and NACHA's Bill Payment Exception Mitigation Opt-in program.