QR Bill

How it Works
QR Bill allows billers, biller service providers, financial institutions, payments providers and others to utilize a voluntary standard for using Quick Response (QR) codes for ​bill payment functions such as viewing bills, making bill payments, enrolling for eBills and setting up payees in online banking. The standard contains recommendations regarding QR code size, data to be included in the QR code, and layout of the data represented in the QR code, among others. When billers utilize the QR code standard where consumers view and pay bills, they can provide a simple, quick and consistent bill payment experience for consumers, and enhance their own billing processes by reducing costs and improving efficiencies, and minimizing the incidence of payments exceptions.

What's In It For You?
Participants will benefit from a standardized approach to bill payment that encourages the use of electronic payments, decreases costs and improves efficiencies, and reduces the expense and effort associated with exception payments. Additionally, participants can better meet the needs of their customers by providing payment options that are convenient, cost effective, and efficient.

Participate in the Program
NACHA is currently seeking participants for the QR Bill industry evaluation to help verify specifications and usage of the QR Bill standards in various billing and payment models; determine the effectiveness in reducing bill payment exceptions; finalize implementation requirements and considerations; and address market challenges and opportunities. Participants can include billers, biller service providers, financial institutions, payments providers, and others.

Read the Rules
All participants must complete an agreement with NACHA. To view a copy of the participant agreement, click here. To request a copy of the QR Bill Guidelines, which outline the QR Code standards and recommended specifications, please contact NACHA.

Get All the Details
For more information, contact NACHA.