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With ever-increasing means of alternative payments, especially through mobile devices and social commerce, you face the potential of increased risk of fraud or corporate account takeover.

Understanding, establishing and maintaining sound business practices is the key to protecting your organization, so NACHA strives to provide the knowledge and resources needed to guide you in managing your organizational risk.

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White Papers

  • ODFI Best Practices for Originating ACH Transactions - RMAG completed this white paper that includes an analysis of the results from a 2009 survey and relates the responses to provisions of both the 2009 NACHA Operating Rules as well as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) Bulletin 2006-39 and Bulletin 2008-12.
  • Third-Party Sender Risk - This ACH risk management white paper examines three case studies related to Third-Party Sender Risk. These case studies address ODFI challenges related to: 1) on-boarding a new Third-Party Sender, 2) monitoring the Third-Party Sender relationship on an ongoing basis, and 3) terminating a Third-Party Sender relationship. Also included are ODFI sound business practices to manage Third-Party Sender risk.
  • Remotely-Created Checks and ACH Transactions - Analyzing the Differentiators - This risk management white paper examines the uses of Remotely-Created Checks (RCCs) and the distinctions that enable an informed choice between RCC and ACH transactions. The paper also identifies opportunities to make ACH transactions the payment method of choice in comparison to RCCs.
  • Sound Business Practices for Evaluating Customer Risk -This sound business practices document provides financial institutions with guidance on appropriate due diligence, at both the enterprise and ACH-specific level, before onboarding a new ACH Originator and on an ongoing basis to ensure that a financial institution has a thorough understanding of a business's potential risk profile.

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Account Takeover

Account Takeover is a form of identity theft in which a fraudster steals online credentials and then uses them to complete fraudulent banking activity. In essence, while the ACH Network is still secure, private data is being misused. NACHA is committed to helping avoid this type of fraudulent activity.