Register Your Direct Access Status

Creating Clear ACH Network Relationships

Uphold ACH Network Safety and Security by Registering Your Direct Access Status

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To mitigate the risks posed by Direct Access, which involves a separation of control and responsibility, it’s critical that each ODFI register its status. Direct Access relationships may expose ODFIs to shortcomings, or even fraud, in the policies or practices of Originators, Third-Party Service Providers and Third-Party Senders.

The ACH Network’s focus on risk management has grown as transaction volumes and product complexity have increased; your registration provides valuable information about the breadth and depth of these financial relationships.

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Register Your Direct Access Status

Every ODFI is required to register its status with NACHA by either acknowledging that it has no Direct Access Debit Participants OR providing specific information about each Direct Access Debit Participant.

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Update, Change or Submit Direct Access Information

When needed, you can update your ODFI’s contact information, change your status or submit your quarterly reporting on Direct Access Debit Participants.

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Registration Details and Requirements

When you register your ODFI’s Direct Access status, you’ll use one of two forms:

  • Form A: For ODFIs without Direct Access Debit Participants. You’ll formally acknowledge this statement, after which no further action is required unless your status changes. You are not required to register annually.
  • Form B: For ODFIs with Direct Access Debit Participants. You’ll need to report certain information about each participant prior to originating entries, provide quarterly data on those participants, and update your status with any pertinent information, including termination of any participant. 

If you’re not sure whether your ODFI maintains Direct Access Debit Participant relationships with Third-Parties and/or Originators, see our definitions and example scenarios, linked in the right-hand sidebar, or contact NACHA with questions. Remember to provide your financial institution’s routing number in all email communication, since this helps us to identify you in our database.