NACHA: Outreach and Accreditation

ACH Volume: 2.45 billion payments, valued at $10.1 trillion

NACHA: Electronic Benefits Transfer Revolution

ACH Volume:  2.81 billion payments, valued at $11.1 trillion  4.69 billion payments, valued at $14.5 trillion

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Stars promote direct deposit

The Big Mouth ads are replaced by public service announcements featuring such celebrities as Gavin McLeod, Rita Moreno, Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, and Ricardo Montalban. This straightforward campaign reassures Americans that moving money electronically is not just convenient, but safe.

First Web Page

The first World Wide Web site goes live, created by inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

establishing sound industry practices

NACHA issues its first Risk Management Handbook and ACH Compliance Manual establishing sound industry practices for mitigating risk.

Globalizing ACH

The first International ACH Conference convenes in the United States. NACHA assists other nations in creating ACH Networks.


NACHA introduces certification standards

NACHA introduces the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation, bringing the first certification standards to the ACH industry.

AAP Logo

Two key Councils are established: Bill Payment and Cross-Border.

Bill Moroney


When Ann-Marie Bartels joined the Mid-America Payment Exchange (MPX) in 1988, she pitched stories about Direct Deposit to media outlets in the Midwest.

Bill Moroney

Responding to Market Demands

Responding to market demand for uniform rules for delivering government benefits and clearing checks electronically, NACHA establishes the Electronic Benefits Transfer and Electronic Check Councils.



Federal Reserve Banks implement a new consolidated ACH operating system, enabling ACH transactions to be processed on a flow-basis and replacing the last vestiges of non-electronic transactions with a truly all-electronic ACH Network. The move aligns the Federal Reserve services with those of the private-sector ACH Operators and improves security, reduces risk, and increases efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Quest is Born

In an outstanding example of private-public enterprise, NACHA and the U.S. government facilitate the development of Quest Operating Rules for electronic benefits transfers, working with federal and state government and private sector organizations. Quest makes great strides in eliminating fraud and error in food stamps, welfare, and later in child support.

Quest Book Cover

Tackling Ecommerce Security Issues

As web commerce takes its first steps, NACHA creates the Internet Council to tackle standards and security issues. In a pamphlet called "Intro to the Net," the Mid-America Payment Exchange (a NACHA member) declares: "The Internet is more than a curiosity … It is a potentially important change in our culture."

Intro To The Net pamphlet

In the first four years of the AAP program…

…more than 1,000 financial professionals pass the exam and earn this prestigious accreditation.

U.S. and Canada adopt
Cross-Border Rules

The U.S. and Canada adopt Cross-Border Rules developed with the help of NACHA’s Cross-Border Council.

Anticipating the growth of electronic check use by retailers, NACHA pilots Point of Purchase Check Conversion rule.
Canadian Flag

Honoring Excellence in Electronic Payments

NACHA introduces The George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award, named after a former vice-chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve who was an early proponent of electronic payments. The annual Mitchell Award honors an individual or organization that has shown superior leadership in the development, implementation, or advancement of electronic payments.

GM Excellence Award

Attracting Big Names

The PAYMENTS Conference grows and attracts famed keynote speakers, among them Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (chosen because of his controversial statement “Banks are dinosaurs”) and Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy.

Americans Won’t Stop Writing Checks

Wall Street Journal ArticleIn an article headlined “Americans Won’t Stop Writing Checks,” The Wall Street Journal cites statistics that paper checks still account for 75 percent of all U.S. bill payments. Commenting as a spokesperson for the Direct Deposit Coalition, of which NACHA is a founding member, Federal Reserve Senior Vice President Rich Oliver points out that “97 percent of people who use direct deposit are happy with it. We are poised to go in the right direction.”

Global Comparison GraphA global comparison reveals that at least 95 percent of employees in Canada, Japan, and Germany use Direct Deposit, versus 46 percent in the U.S.

NACHA presents first Lifetime Achievement Award

Modernizing for A new Era

To modernize its name, NACHA adopts the tagline The Electronic Payments Association.

As bill pay by phone becomes more popular, NACHA launches a Telephone Authorization Pilot.


To bring the national benefits issuance program into the electronic age, the U.S. government turned to NACHA for a solution. NACHA turned to Helena Sims…

Helena Sims

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