NACHA: Mobile on the Ascent

ACH Volume:  9.13 billion payments, valued at $22 trillion  13.97 billion payments, valued at $28.8 trillion

NACHA: New Challenges, New Structure

ACH Volume:  14.96 billion payments, valued at $30 trillion  17.55 billion payments, valued at $38.7 trillion

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Check Truncation begins

Substitute check backImplementation of Check 21, signed into U.S. law in 2003, authorizes electronic “substitute checks” and effectively marks the end of the return of cancelled paper checks.

Meg Whitman

president of eBay, Inc., keynotes at the PAYMENTS Conference.

Meg Whitman

NACHA adopts rules on
third-party ACH processing

NACHA adopts rules on third-party ACH processing, requiring that third parties agree to be bound by the NACHA Operating Rules even if the third party's client does not have any such agreement with the originating bank.

This enables NACHA to better enforce the rules, and also enables originating institutions to better manage the risks associated with originating ACH payments.

NACHA sponsors the first Institute of International Payments

NACHA sponsors the first Institute of International Payments, sponsored by the Global Payments Forum (formerly the Cross-Border Council).

2006: The number of AAP-certified professionals tops 3,000.

Back Office Conversion begins

The Back Office Conversion (BOC) rule becomes effective, allowing businesses to convert eligible checks to ACH debits in their own back (or front) offices during back-office processing. (SEC Code approved in 2006.)

NACHA CEO Elliott McEntee announces he will step down in 2008. The Board undertakes an executive search.

Steve Ellis

In the six years that Steve Ellis chaired or co-chaired the NACHA Board of Directors, 2005 through 2010, he pushed the organization to move forward with the issues of the time. There was plenty to push…

Steve Ellis

Janet Estep joins NACHA as its third president and CEO

Janet O. Estep joins NACHA as its third president and CEO, bringing more than 25 years of experience at IBM and U.S. Bank.

Janet Estep

Nacha joins the gathering of executives from around the world

ICPACE logoNACHA joins the International Council of Payment Association Chief Executives (ICPACE), an annual gathering of executives of payment associations from

Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom,

for the purpose of sharing insights and gaining perspectives regarding the issues facing national payment associations and their members.

Enabling Increases in Global and mobile payments

Marking the increasing dominance of global and mobile payments, NACHA implements rules for International ACH Transactions (IAT, 2009, SEC Code approved in 2007) and expands the WEB SEC code to include Mobile ACH Payments (WEB, 2011).

Pay it Green

NACHA introduces the PayItGreen Award, which honors individual or organizational leadership, vision, and innovation in the education and promotion of electronic payments, statements, and billing to reduce environmental impact.

Pay it Green logo

the Rules book “Simplified”

“Simplified” NACHA Operating Rules becomes effective, the result of a massive three-year undertaking that reorganized and simplified the Rules book.

Rule allowing the use of the WEB transaction for mobile payments becomes effective.

Nacha Rules Cover 2014


Healthcare activity increases with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. And there is major growth in the volume of person-to-person payments. Accordingly, NACHA implements rules for Healthcare Payments via ACH (2012) and approves P2P rules (2013).

New Risk Management Strategy

NACHA finalizes a new Risk Management Strategy to address evolving payments risks and maintain quality on the ACH Network. It also publishes the revised Operating Rules & Guidelines. The simplification minimizes the legal language and makes the book more user-friendly and intuitive for users.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recognizes CCD+ as the healthcare EFT standard.


NACHA finalizes the ACH Blueprint, which identifies desired future ACH Network attributes to guide the strategic direction of the Network over the next decade.

NACHA launches ACH Network Messaging Campaign to help payments industry participants develop a common understanding of ACH payments, the NACHA Operating Rules, and the value of the ACH Network.

Quick Reference codes guidelines

QR CodeCouncil for Electronic Billing and Payment issues guidelines for the use of Quick Reference (QR) codes for consumer bill payment.

NACHA announces Extensible Markup Language (XML) Remittance, Deposited Check Truncation (DCT), and IRS Refund opt-in programs.

These programs join the Electronic Billing Information Delivery Service (EBIDS) and Secure Vault Payments™ programs as innovative, rules-based solutions for the industry.

broader response to
fast-changing issues

Alliance logoAfter input from all stakeholders, the NACHA Board votes to replace long-standing individual Councils with a more flexible, less “siloed” structure in mid-2014. The new Payments Innovation Alliance will facilitate broader response to fast-changing issues.

A survey by NACHA of 1,000 billers shows that nearly 50% of all consumer bill payments are made via ACH, while 42% are still paid by mail and the rest by credit and debit cards.

More than 4,000 financial professionals hold the AAP designation.

Nacha At 40

NACHA celebrates 40 years with special events at PAYMENTS 2014 in Orlando, Florida, a new website, and the launch of the Payments Innovation Alliance, a consolidated Council structure that engages stakeholders across consumer, corporate, and international payments and information areas of interest to more effectively support payments innovation.



Janet Estep

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