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Article June 25, 2019
Payroll impersonation and redirection fraud is a fact of life today, but Nacha has a new way to help fight it: The Payroll Credit formatting standard for ACH payroll files.
Product May 22, 2019

Recorded May 21, 2019
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Product May 6, 2019
Join this webinar as the speakers discuss the looming implementation of the Prepaid Rule, including the liabilities and responsibilities of both account holders and FIs, and the potential issues they raise.
Resource February 19, 2019

HERNDON, Va., February 19, 2019 – 2018 was a milestone year for the ACH Network. Payment volume climbed by almost 1.5 billion payments, the fourth straight year the ACH Network has added more than 1 billion new payments. 

Article February 7, 2019

At 36 pages, the criteria for becoming a Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender “is a little daunting when you first look at it.”

That’s what Becky Wagner thought—though she’s quick to add that Nacha helped at every step of the way. 

Resource January 29, 2019

HERNDON, Va., January 29, 2019 – ACH Network volume saw its biggest quarterly growth in more than a decade during the fourth quarter of 2018. Same Day ACH payments also passed a significant milestone.

Resource November 1, 2018

HERNDON, Va., Nov. 1, 2018 – The number of ACH payments totaled more than 5.6 billion in the third quarter of 2018, a 6.7 percent increase over Q3 2017, according to NACHA.

Product September 2, 2016

This workbook is designed to assist Third-Party Senders in identifying and managing ACH risk.

Product January 15, 2016

The Third-Party Sender ACH Audit Guide is designed to assist Third-Party Senders to conduct an audit as required by the Nacha Operating Rules. The audit worksheets offer audit tips to help make the audit process easier. The CD includes the audit worksheets and an audit report.