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Article July 8, 2019
Summer is heating up! Nacha is offering cool savings on its Affiliate Program or the Payments Innovation Alliance now through Aug. 31.
Resource July 2, 2019
EnrollHub combines enrollment capabilities for EFT and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), enabling healthcare providers to use a single, secure on-line process to enroll with multiple health plans at once.
Resource July 2, 2019
Find out what the Healthcare Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Standard is and its benefits for all healthcare providers.
Resource July 2, 2019
View the Webinar presentation conducted with CAQH and Nacha on the impacts and benefits of adopting the Healthcare EFT Standard and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
Resource July 2, 2019
One small provider, Performance Pediatrics, is taking advantage of the Healthcare EFT Standard and seeing cost savings and efficiency benefits as a result.
Article June 11, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla.—Think you’ve got a handle on Business Email Compromise (BEC)? Maybe think again.

Article May 20, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla.—Jane Larimer never tires of telling people “the ACH Network is thriving” and for good reason: “Because it is.” Even as new payment methods emerge, Larimer believes ACH will have a place at the table. “There’s room and opportunity for all payments,” Larimer, Nacha’s chief operating officer, told a Smarter. Faster. Payments 2019 session on the future of the ACH Network. 
Article May 20, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla.—JP Nicols believes it’s time to “get serious about innovation”—although his definition of innovation might differ from financial institutions’. “It’s not just ‘innovation theater,’” said Nicols, managing director of FinTech Forge. Nor is it “the fintech petting zoo.”
Product May 6, 2019
Join this webinar as the speakers discuss the looming implementation of the Prepaid Rule, including the liabilities and responsibilities of both account holders and FIs, and the potential issues they raise.
Product May 5, 2019

Subscription access to the 2019 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines starts December 31, 2018 and runs through December 31, 2019.

Resource May 4, 2019

Faster Payments 101 is a necessary precursor to the Faster Payments Playbook, currently under development by the Alliance, which will assist organizations – both financial institutions and business end users – in determining which solutions may be best for them and/or their customers and how best

Resource April 2, 2019

There's more to the gig economy than just Uber drivers. Discover how KyckGlobal is using Same Day ACH to benefit what founder Jessica Koenig calls "the forgotten gig economy."

Resource February 19, 2019

HERNDON, Va., February 19, 2019 – 2018 was a milestone year for the ACH Network. Payment volume climbed by almost 1.5 billion payments, the fourth straight year the ACH Network has added more than 1 billion new payments. 

Resource January 29, 2019

HERNDON, Va., January 29, 2019 – ACH Network volume saw its biggest quarterly growth in more than a decade during the fourth quarter of 2018. Same Day ACH payments also passed a significant milestone.

Resource November 1, 2018

HERNDON, Va., Nov. 1, 2018 – The number of ACH payments totaled more than 5.6 billion in the third quarter of 2018, a 6.7 percent increase over Q3 2017, according to NACHA.

Article March 13, 2018
The Request for Payment program leverages the ISO 20022 message standard to enable businesses to send electronic invoices and receive corresponding payment and remittance through the ACH Network.
Resource April 6, 2017
A modern healthcare platform leverages Dwolla's Access API to accept ACH payments from medical facilities and payout directly to clinician's bank accounts.
Resource May 5, 2016
The ACH Primer for Healthcare is designed to educate healthcare providers, including health plans, their trading partners, and the healthcare industry in general, on the benefits, cost-savings and efficiencies of utilizing the ACH Network for processing EFT.