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Rule October 25, 2019

An industry resource – the ACH Contact Registry - was created for financial institutions to be able to more easily connect with other financial institutions about ACH operations, exceptions and risk management.

Rule September 21, 2018

This Rule increases the speed of funds availability for certain Same Day ACH and next-day ACH credits.


Rule September 17, 2018

This rule is a major enhancement to Same Day ACH, as the dollar limit per payment quadruples to $100,000. Among the many uses of Same Day ACH, B2B payments are expected to reap some of the biggest benefits.

Rule December 5, 2014

This rule better differentiates among types of unauthorized return reasons for consumer debits. This differentiation will give ODFIs and their Originators clearer and better information when a customer claims that an error occurred with an authorized payment, as opposed to when a customer claims