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Event September 2, 2020
On Sept. 15, Nacha will partner with the Payments Associations (PA) to honor more than 360 Accredited Payments Risk Professionals (APRP) as part of National APRP Recognition Day.
Event May 17, 2020
Register today and join the elite group of AAP professionals. AAPs are recognized for their ACH payments expertise, providing a competitive edge in the business and financial arenas. Commit early and take advantage of study tools provided with your exam registration.
Article February 11, 2020
There are more than 4,600 AAPs. The credential establishes an individual’s professional competency and expertise within the payments industry.
Event January 9, 2020
On this day, Nacha partners with the Payments Associations to honor more than 4,600 Accredited ACH Professionals as part of National AAP Recognition Day.
Product January 3, 2020

Purchase the 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines Print and 

Product December 10, 2019

Purchase the 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines Digital Access and Online Resource together

Product November 19, 2019
This searchable, portable, Adobe-based (ebook) product provides convenient, read-only access, with no available print function, to the digital 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines — on up to two devices. This product utilizes a cloud-based third-party App (Flux Player) to launch mobile access to the digital 2020 Rules content. Once the App (Flux Player) is downloaded to your device and the purchased access code is redeemed, content is available to view with no further internet connection required. This Digital Access product provides identical content display as the former Rules CD-ROM product, without requiring a physical disc and works on numerous operating systems and devices, including: • PC/Windows • Mac(OSX) • Android phones and tablets • Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) • Kindle Purchase the Rules 2020 Digital Access product with other available formats (recommended, Print and Online Resource) to provide additional means of access to the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines. Subscription access to the Digital Access (ebook) product runs from December 31, 2019 through December 31, 2020.
Product November 19, 2019
This web-based interactive Nacha Rules resource provides access to both the full Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines Premium Edition as well as any potential supplements. The Nacha Operating Rules online resource website is a full HTML tool that has been divided into sections for easy browsing and searching of the content. This resource has been set up to take advantage of HTML5 website, allowing for an easy and responsive viewing experience from a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device with newly enhanced product features: • Customized Bookmarking • Keyword/Phrase Search • Copy options • Printing options Subscription access to the 2020 Nacha Operating Rules Online Resource runs from December 31, 2019 through December 31, 2020.
Product November 14, 2019

Access to the Rules & Guidelines helps to identify new opportunities to leverage the ACH Network to meet customer’s needs, while maintaining a clear understanding of network requirements.

Article September 17, 2019
The APRP exam tests for comprehensive risk management knowledge across all payment types, including ACH, check, wire, debit, credit and prepaid cards, and emerging and alternative payments.
Basic page September 16, 2019

First APRPs in the Country (PAYMENTS 2018, San Diego, California)

Landing Page July 24, 2019

Everyone has a reason for obtaining their AAP, APRP or both. Some want the fame, the fortune and the glory. Others simply want those sought-after letters on their signature. Whatever your reason is, we're glad you're here. Meet a few of our accredited professionals and learn their reason.

Product May 29, 2019

Each robust set contains 210 cards based on the information contained in Nacha's official APRP study guide, color-coded by content area. Keeping the ease of use and organization for the exam candidate in mind, each set is enclosed in a sturdy but lightweight box.

Product May 29, 2019

If you are planning to

Product May 29, 2019

The APRP Flashcards provide a hands-on study aid for those planning to take the APRP Exam. Highlighting the six areas of focus on the APRP Exam, this is a great self-study tool to help registrants prepare for the exam and earn their accreditation.

Basic page May 16, 2019

Accredited Payments Risk Professionals (APRP) have mastered the complexities of risk management for ACH, check, wire, debit, credit and prepaid cards, and emerging and alternative payments. The next exam window is July 1-20, 2019.