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Article February 19, 2020
Nacha is requesting industry feedback by April 3, 2020 on a set of Rules proposals and other concepts collectively referred to as “Meaningful Modernization.”
Article February 18, 2020

Following Nacha’s confirmation of March 19, 2021, as the effective date for the new, third Same Day ACH window, The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve Banks, as

Article February 10, 2020
Most of us know the tremendous value of Direct Deposit (especially when payday rolls around). But sometimes it’s good to get it on the record, which is exactly what Nacha did recently.
Article February 5, 2020
Although the ACH Contact Registry doesn't open until July 1, your financial institution should already be thinking about how it will comply with this new Nacha Operating Rule. A recent Nacha webinar offered a wealth of useful information.
Product February 4, 2020

Recorded Feb. 4, 2020
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Article February 3, 2020
The ACH Network had an impressive 2019, with 24.7 billion payments valued at $55.8 trillion. The annual growth rate reached a 12-year high.
Article January 27, 2020
Doctors are overwhelmingly receiving claim payments using Direct Deposit by ACH, but dentists still have a lot of work to do, the new 2019 CAQH Index finds.
Article January 24, 2020

Easy is in the eye of the beholder. Assembling Ikea furniture is a piece of cake for some; others think it takes a master’s in engineering. 

Article January 22, 2020
The ACH Network closed out 2019 with a strong final quarter featuring impressive growth across several areas, particularly Same Day ACH.
Article January 21, 2020
The Same Day ACH higher dollar limit is coming in March. But now is the time for ODFI's to be talking to their customers.
Article January 14, 2020

Want your tax refund fast? Use Direct Deposit. And while you’d normally think that’s what we’d say, this time it’s not. That’s coming from the Internal Revenue Service, which called Direct Deposit the “simple, safe and secure” way to get your tax refund.

Article January 9, 2020
The March 19, 2021 effective date for the new Same Day ACH processing window is confirmed.  
Article January 8, 2020
With a higher dollar limit coming to Same Day ACH, there's a lot for Originators to consider, including an anticipated jump in using Same Day for B2B.
Article December 23, 2019

As the steward of the ACH Network, Nacha applauds the Federal Reserve Board of Governors’ approval today of the extension of the National Settlement Service operating hours, which is necessary for the expansion of Same Day ACH.

Article December 16, 2019
Direct Deposit rules on payday. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The American Payroll Association’s annual “Getting Paid In America” survey backs that up. 
Basic page December 9, 2019

The Profituity ACH platform is cloud-based enterprise software that empowers third-party payment processors and high-volume originators to facilitate ACH payments and manage returns in full regulatory compliance.

Article December 4, 2019
Four changes to the Nacha Operating Rules are coming in 2020. Nacha hosted a webinar to help ACH Network participants prepare for what's ahead.