TPI On Campus Wednesday Agenda


July 28

8:15 AM-9:45 AM

Building Your Own Audit & Risk Assessment Adventure

AAP Prep School of Study | APRP Prep School of Study | Payments Risk & Compliance School of Study

In this interactive course, students are provided situations that may arise during an audit and are asked to respond to the auditor by explaining the remedy for the finding. In other hands-on activities, a sample audit checklist is distributed and students are asked to use the checklist to determine what information would be required to obtain positive audit results.

Pam Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Member Services, Southern Financial Exchange

Communication Planning for Crisis Management

Payments Risk Management Master’s Program

When a crisis strikes – be it operational, natural or risk-based – having a plan on how to communicate internally or externally is essential. It is critical not to spend time during a crisis on building the plan so that time can be spent on executing what needs to be communicated and to whom. This course provides students with the tools they need to have a foundational crisis management plan in place and to recognize what elements of the situation are most important to share.

Victoria Day, Chief Communications Officer, Nacha

Lawrence Fatima, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

Survey of Card Products & Clearing

APRP Prep School of Study | General Payments Systems School of Study

A thorough examination of card networks helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of card-based payments and build a foundation for subsequent card-based concepts. Basic definitions and terms are discussed, as are card-based payment statistics and their impact on the payments industry. This course examines how business models are changing with regards to emerging risks and fraud, technology, and regulation. Instructors discuss how these impact business lines, relationships, decision-making and behavior.

Faculty TBD

What’s So Reasonable About Commercially Reasonable?

General Payments Systems School of Study

Usage of the term “commercially reasonable” traces beyond the Nacha Operating Rules. The phrase is used in the Uniform Commercial Code and has even been debated by the Supreme Court. Simply stated, commercially reasonable means “fair, done in good faith, and corresponding to commonly accepted commercial practices.” But what is considered fair by one organization might not be by others. This course reviews examples of how commercially reasonable is used within the Nacha Operating Rules, particularly with regard to the new WEB verification requirements, as instructors and students discuss and debate their interpretation of commercially reasonable.

Faculty TBD

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

New! Card Studies: Prepaid Card Products

General Payments Systems School of Study

This class builds upon concepts introduced in the "Survey of Card Products & Clearing" course, and provides a thorough examination of prepaid cards. Faculty in this course take a closer look at participant rights and responsibilities, sponsored versus managed programs, and the role an FI plays in a prepaid transaction. Also explored are possible outsourced services and prepaid rulemaking.

Paul Tomasofsky SVP Merchant Payments General Manager, North American Banking Company

ACH File Formats

AAP Prep School of Study | General Payments Systems School of Study

ACH Origination begins with a properly formatted file. This course focuses on the intricacies of ACH Record Formats. Instructors take students on a comprehensive and detailed tour of the 94 characters that comprise an ACH entry. Students also review Addenda Records, proper formatting, and examine field purposes, specific field values, and commonly experienced problems. The instructor provides tips for optimizing ACH Network participation with a command of the bits and bytes of ACH.

Joseph Casali, AAP, NCP, Senior Vice President, NEACH

Enterprise Risk Management

APRP Prep School of Study| Payments Risk & Compliance School of Study

The ability to understand, control and articulate risk levels in pursuit of business strategies and accountability for risks taken resonates with stakeholders when it comes to expressing confidence in an organization. This introductory level course exposes students to the basics of enterprise risk management from a FI perspective. ERM topics covered include identifying, reporting and controlling risks, and the progress being made in the financial world when it comes to ERM.

Elizabeth A. Cronenweth, AAP, CTP, Payments Group Project Manager, UMB Bank, N.A.

How to Escalate a Risk Event

Payments Risk Management Master’s Program

Presenting ideas to your board can be a daunting task, oftentimes one that may seem intimidating even to the most experienced professionals. Even more stressful is when you have to present on urgent issues such as the results of a cyberattack or other risk event. However, keeping executive staff informed is crucial to maintaining the soundness and reputation of your organization. The instructor in this course offers hypothetical examples of risk events and how to escalate them within an organization, and tips on ways to prepare for these situations.

Mary M. Gilmeister, AAP, NCP
President, Macha Everything Payments – Everywhere

Rolling Out a Marketing Campaign

Master’s Program

The decision to offer new products does not begin with the product itself, but with an understanding of how to market and promote while building brand awareness. However, campaigns should not only be rolled out for new products and services. Recognizing when trusted products are in need of attention is also key. This course walks students through the steps necessary to roll out a marketing campaign to build or rebuild brand awareness. Following a brief presentation, students work in teams to build a campaign plan.

Victoria Day, Chief Communications Officer, Nacha

Lawrence Fatima, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

11:30 AM–12:45 PM - Lunch Break

Noontime Knowledge

Can't stop learning? Grab your lunch and join us for these lively chats scheduled 12:10 PM-12:35 PM. Activities to be announced.

1:00 PM-2:30 PM

New! ACH File Formats Lab Work

AAP Prep School of Study | General Payments Systems School of Study

Understanding the intricacies of an ACH file format is just the first step in becoming proficient in the bits and bytes. This hands-on lab allows students to apply their knowledge in a series of scavenger hunts through the 94 characters.

Joseph Casali, AAP, NCP, Senior Vice President, NEACH

BSA/AML, OFAC & Sanctions, Oh My!

APRP Prep School of Study| Payments Risk & Compliance School of Study

Instructors guide students through a journey about the laws and regulations related to consumer protection, with focuses on anti-money laundering, the Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC compliance, and how the industry is impacted by regulatory reach at both the state and federal level. Special attention is paid to monitoring, reporting, investigations and reviewing incidents involving BSA, AML and/or OFAC.

Matthew Luzadder, Partner, Kelley Drye & Warren

Business Continuity Planning: Are You Prepared?

APRP Prep School of Study | Payments Risk & Compliance School of Study

Over the last several years the U.S. has seen hurricanes, flooding and blizzards that have all changed the payments landscape in the way financial institutions, corporations and government entities react to crises. What processes and contingencies have been implemented in the years since these events? Learn what you should and must do to ensure that you are not the weakest link. With your organization’s reputation and business vitality at risk, having a plan in place is critical to your organization properly reacting to natural disasters and other emergencies.

Nell Campbell-Drake, AAP, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Master’s Class Wrap Up

Master’s Program

This networking and education opportunity allows students to virtually interact with their masters-class peers to reflect on their TPI Home School experience and review topics that require additional discussion or debate. This is also a chance to solidify newly-formed relationships and explore ways to engage beyond TPI.

Jennifer West, AAP, Director, Payments Innovation Alliance, Education & Accreditation, Nacha

2:45 PM-3:45 PM

New!  Nacha: The Strategic Direction & Future Vision

Lecture Hall

For more than 45 years, the ACH Network, with Nacha as its steward, has served as the backbone of electronic payments and of the payments industry. Through education, advocacy and collaboration, Nacha and its members have worked together to propel payments forward and to ensure the ACH Network grows and adapts to the changing environment. Working with financial institutions, end users, processors, innovators and regulators allows Nacha to serve as the voice of the industry. In this course, Jane Larimer, Nacha’s President and CEO, shares her vision for Nacha and how, along with the ACH Network, it will remain as vital to the payments world as it has always been.

Jane E. Larimer, President & CEO, Nacha

4:00 PM-4:30 PM

Commencement Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the pomp and circumstances of the commencement ceremony. Students hear from the Dean of the TPI, the Board of Regents and Nacha leadership. Grab your cap and gown and get ready to move your tassel from right to left as you celebrate becoming a member of the Payments Institute’s On Campus Class of 2021!