Payments Institute Schools of Study

TPI Home School and the Payments Institute On Campus offer several academic programs that help you learn skills from the leaders in payments education. 

Plan to join us if you are new to the payments industry, have never been to TPI, are gunning for a new accreditation or simply want to stay current on trending issues. You may select courses from any school of study that are of interest to you or will help you perform your job better. 

Don’t worry seasoned pros, we designed a robust curriculum for you, too. At Home School, look for Advanced Course listings, and On Campus, immerse yourself in one of two advanced programs* – the Master’s Program or the Payments Risk Management Master’s Program.

Courses outside of the master’s programs and advanced courses are intermediate in level and may be offered across one or more schools of study. 

*There are limited seats available in the master’s programs. TPI / TPI Home School Alumni (2018, 2019 or 2020), AAPs, APRPs, CTP/CCM, FP&A and NCP credentialed professionals are eligible to apply. Students must enroll in the Payments Institute 2021 and one of the master's programs. Contact Stephanie Prebish for more information.

AAP Prep School of Study

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) Prep School of Study complements existing AAP exam preparatory education. Coursework focuses on topics that parallel the exam, including the Nacha Operating Rules, the ACH Network and other payments systems, technical and operational ACH requirements, risk management and government regulations. 

APRP Prep School of Study

The Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) Prep School of Study complements existing APRP exam preparatory education. Coursework focuses on topics that parallel the exam topic areas, including payments risk management fundamentals, payment systems, payments risk policy and governance, payments risk management systems and controls, physical and information security and regulatory environment. 

General Payments Systems School of Study

In this School of Study, students carefully examine the core payment systems such as the ACH Network, and payment instruments like checks, cards, wires and some of the emerging payment channels such as RTP®. Students learn the characteristics and uses of each payments system, participant roles and responsibilities, operational aspects of payment-related products and gain an understanding of the relationships between those mechanisms.

Payment Innovations & Technologies School of Study

In this School of Study, students focus on emerging industry developments and disruptors. Students learn blockchain use cases, how payment technology is driving payment experience, strategies for partnering with fintechs and uses for APIs.

Payments Risk & Compliance School of Study

In this School of Study, students examine the risks associated with payments systems as well as the rules and laws governing compliance. Courses focus on emerging trends in fraud, fraud prevention and data security and privacy. Students also complete a comprehensive study of the associated rules and regulations, coming away with a deep understanding of the evolving risk and regulatory environment as well as the tools to mitigate threats.

Lecture Halls

Lecture Halls encompass a wealth of topics, and are intended and recommended for all students. These sessions enhance the focused education students receive at TPI Home School and the Payments Institute. 

Advanced Courses - only at Home School

Home School offers advanced courses for those looking for a deeper understanding of business strategies in today’s uncertain environment. Students obtain knowledge that organizations can implement to stay ahead of the competition. 

Master’s Program - only On Campus

The Master’s Program is for those wanting to explore the business strategies shaping payments today. Students contribute to sessions and discussions to define the impact of new and emerging payments, and participate in practical, hands-on scenarios planning to respond swiftly in today’s changing environment.

Payments Risk Management Master’s Program - only On Campus

In the Payments Risk Management Master’s Program, students ace the complexities of risk management across traditional and emerging payment types. Effectively managing payments risk is crucial for organizations that provide payment services. Students sharpen their skill set on risk management strategies, concepts and mitigation techniques within the payments ecosystem.