March 10, 2023

Afinis Benefits

  • Exchange information and ideas with technical and business experts from member financial institutions, fintechs, and other organizations of all types and sizes from all over the world.  
  • Influence the design of Afinis APIs, and provide input on the data elements used to help make Afinis APIs as useful to your organization as possible.  
  • Collaborate to identify and bring to market the standards the payments and financial services industry needs. 
  • Receive early access to APIs for testing and have the unique opportunity to provide feedback on APIs prior to finalization and market availability.  
  • Serve on the Afinis Board of Directors or the Afinis Standards Governance Committee to provide leadership and guidance to advance the future of API standardization and enhance the efficiency and security of today’s modern financial industry.  
  • Participate in prioritizing which APIs to develop as a creative solution to many of the industry’s problems.  
  • Use the Afinis logo to showcase your membership and commitment to working with the industry to adopt standardized APIs promoting secure and efficient data exchange.