November 09, 2020


Preferred Partner for Compliance

ECS Fin Logo

ECS Fin is a Nacha Preferred Partner for Compliance with a focus on payments as a service.

ECS Fin is an engineering firm that designs and develops software solutions with a systems approach to transaction processing. Founded in 1999 as a consulting firm, ECS  advised many fortune 100 companies, coordinating business divisions and technology groups.

ECS observed the difficulties faced by its customers dealing with multiple products from different vendors that offer department centric applications resulting in fragmented processing that calls for fragile integration services and unwarranted travel of data between systems. ECS delivers IMS solution combining processing modules, supporting components and connectivity services taking into consideration the complete life cycle of a transaction bringing efficiency and lean in processing while ensuring accountability to every message/transaction of an enterprise.

To learn more about ECS Fin read the announcement, or visit or follow ECS Fin on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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