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Does your company have a stake in how emerging payment technologies, mobile and mobile wallets, payment security and risk, and many other industry-shifting issues evolve domestically and globally? If you have a commitment to payments innovation, then you must learn more about The Alliance, a membership program consisting of more than 200 companies and organizations.

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About The Alliance

Launched in 2014, The Alliance is a membership group that encourages industry dialogue and collaboration to help advance domestic and global payments. As an inclusive voice for the payments industry and the ACH Network, the growing body consists of more than 200 companies and organizations from throughout the payments ecosystem and from around the world. The Alliance brings together diverse stakeholders to support payments innovation through discussion, debate, education, networking and special projects. Areas of focus include payment system modernization, technology trends, standards, security and ongoing innovation.
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Membership includes companies and organizations of all sizes and spans the payments industry spectrum. Membership in the Alliance is at the organizational level. The main differentiation per level is the permitted number of attendees to The Alliance’s in-person meetings. The Alliance fully engages all types and sizes of companies and organizations. All members enjoy the same level of benefits, including:
  • Three high-impact in-person meetings per year -- two U.S.-based and one at an international location
  • Networking with payment system leaders across the ecosystem
  • Projects that identify and test new payments ideas and solutions
  • Thought leadership cultivation and information exchange, including publishing white papers authored by members
  • Driving change with ideas and best practices that shape the future of payments
  • Virtual meetings that encourage discussion and agenda development
Membership Options
  • Unlimited Membership - $8,000/year. Member organization may send an unlimited number of attendees to The Alliance in-person meetings.
  • Standard Membership - $5,750/year. Member organization may send up to four attendees to The Alliance in-person meetings.
  • Small Business/FI Membership - $2,500/year. Member organization may send one attendee to The Alliance in- person meetings.
*Small business members must have less than $10 million (USD) in annual revenue. FIs must have less than $5 billion (USD) in total assets.
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Join Us

Are you looking for an opportunity for you and your company to engage and brainstorm on business opportunities, innovative solutions and critical decision making? The Alliance provides interactive knowledge exchange at its best -- among industry leaders, senior level executives and payments professionals who are committed to shaping the future of payments.

For more information about The Alliance and the benefits of membership, please contact us at 703-561-3907, or by email, Attn: Darryl Gole. Darryl can also provide information about the limited number of guest passes for The Alliance’s next membership meeting.Payments Innovation Alliance membership does not constitute direct membership in NACHA. Your federally insured depository financial institution may be eligible for Direct Financial Institution Membership, which provides unique benefits and access to Members.
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Exchange Community

A key benefit of The Alliance is the myriad opportunities it provides to collaborate with your peers throughout the year. The Exchange, an online member community, features online discussions among members, provides access to thought leadership documents such as white papers, and more. Visit the Exchange to see The Alliance at work.