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Direct Deposit is the Way to Go

All paydays aren’t created equal. With Direct Deposit your money is available faster than with a paper paycheck. And that’s just one of the advantages enjoyed by an overwhelming majority of U.S. workers. Learn why Direct Deposit is the way to go.

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Nacha Statement on Unauthorized ACH Reversals

September 13, 2019
Sept. 13, 2019 Nacha Statement The ACH Network has strong consumer protection measures in place to protect them. There are rules in place to prevent unauthorized withdrawals, including unauthorized reversals of payroll deposits. This is an unprecedented and isolated incident, and obviously, these rules were circumvented in this case. We understand that this has been a hardship for many. Nacha contacted the responsible financial institution immediately upon learning of this incident to expedite the process of re-crediting these consumers’ accounts.

Industry Trades Show Strong Support for Direct Deposit

August 29, 2019
Nacha, backed by eight financial institutions and end-user trade associations sent a letter to Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committee staff about the success of Direct Deposit for America’s workforce.
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Pay on Payday: Direct Deposit is Money in the Bank

August 25, 2019
How many times have you heard some version of “never take anything for granted”? Sometimes in this modern, digital age we forget about all the conveniences afforded us by advancements in technology, and we ignore that things haven’t always been done the way they are now. With real-time payments systems being built, real-time has been the topic du jour lately as it relates to paychecks.