Payments Education for Everyone

Two events allowing payments professionals to continue education needs and relationship building.

Financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and solution providers seek employees who are proficient in all areas of electronic payments, including the ACH Network. Whether you are new to the payments industry or working on obtaining a Nacha credential, attending one of these programs provides you with the tools you need.

In today's environment, Nacha recognizes that electronic payments professionals have different needs when looking for education to help them do their jobs better, advance their careers, and to stay on top of trends affecting the industry. For these reasons, Nacha is excited to offer two robust versions of the Payments Institute.

TPI On Campus and TPI Home School both offer exceptional education and training opportunities, but in different settings - in person and virtual Read on to discover the benefits of each, and see why thousands of professionals before you chose Nacha for their payments education.... and why you should too!