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[Webinar Recording] Changing Payment Behaviors as a Result of COVID-19: What's Staying, What's Not?

There is no question or doubt in anyone’s mind that COVID-19 has changed our payment behaviors. From the dramatic increase in online shopping and delivery to no contact curbside pickup, a massive decrease in the use of cash, more retail card terminals enabling digital wallet and tap-and-go technology, and more. These changes happened to keep us safer, but are they all here to stay?

Speakers from across the payments industry share their insights on these changes, offering a glimpse at what has the potential to continue in a safer, faster payments world versus what’s likely to go back to what we knew before COVID.

Key Takeaways:

  • How consumer payment changes impact financial services offerings
  • What the increase in P2P, omnichannel and eCommerce trends means for open banking
  • Benefits and negative impacts of real-time payments and digital banking
  • Next steps for financial institutions given the increase of click-and-collect
  • The blurring of lines between payments and data, and how to improve the customer experience

AAP & APRP credits: 1.8


Peter A. Davey, AAP, SVP, Head of Product Innovation, The Clearing House

Matthew R. Friend, Vice President, Global Real-time Payments, Visa

Avery Miller, MBA, Head of Commerce Transformation and Optimization for Enterprise Merchants and Marketplaces, PayPal

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