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When you continue your education as an industry professional, you’re increasing your marketability, benefitting your employer and helping NACHA maintain a high-quality ACH Network. Our educational offerings range from distance learning courses to publications to conferences, and we also provide an Accredited ACH Professional Program. Invest in your development and hone your skills by choosing an educational opportunity from NACHA.

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Accredited ACH Professional

As an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP), you’ll be recognized for your electronic payments expertise. Accreditation provides you with a competitive edge in the business and financial arenas, since AAP certification means you’re a payments subject-matter expert. Since its inception in 1993, the AAP Program has recognized over 4,000+ ACH professionals. The annual exam window takes place every October.

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To begin the online registration process, you must first log into the website. Select the 'My Profile' link from the top tool bar to begin the AAP Exam Registration process.

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Accredited Payments Risk Professional

New program! As an Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) you'll be recognized for your exceptional payments systems risk expertise. Accreditation provides you with a wide array of benefits both professionally and in personal career growth. The inaugural exam will take place March 2018.

We have reached capacity for the March 2018 APRP exam and registration is closed. Registration for the 2019 APRP exam will open in Fall of 2018.

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NACHA Certified

Are you a Third-Party Sender? Industry-leading NACHA Certified sets you apart in today’s competitive market as an entity focused on knowing and demonstrating commitment to quality and strong core practices. NACHA Certified affirms that Third-Party Senders have met specific guidelines governing financial stability, rules and regulations.