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Expert consultative services for organizations that need help understanding how payments can best work for them.

Rooted in Nacha, we have been supporting the electronic payments industry for decades, working with Fortune 500 and companies like yours to help them achieve success.

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Payment Strategy

As your trusted electronic payment consultant, we work with you to shape and implement smart payments strategies.

Incorporating electronic payments into your business demands a plan. We assess your current program for payables and receivables to build a strategy that allows your business to optimize its payments. Through strategy and enablement we help clients maximize efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce the cost to serve customers. Count on our national experts to:

  • Augment existing payment offerings
  • Leverage the ACH Network
  • Optimize your current payment mix to increase use of electronic payments
  • Lower your cost to serve customers
  • Improve cash flow and overall financial health
  • Analyze customer segmentation, payment behavior, and loyalty programs
  • Test viability of new approaches before execution
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Rule Writing

As proprietary networks emerge, so do friction and uncertainty.

Elevation writes custom rules that allow your business to truly scale. Together, let’s spur innovation and confidence amid a constantly changing landscape.

  • Standardized rule set.
  • Harmony among stakeholders.
  • Scalable, interoperable solutions.
  • The consistency and surety critical to end-user confidence
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ACH Education

Best practices, seamless ACH navigation, specific to your business to give yourself an edge over the competition.

Let’s make ACH happen for your business. Elevation works with businesses of all sizes to help them enable them to begin or grow use of the ACH Network for both consumer and business payments. With the expertise of advisors established in Nacha – the governing organization for the US ACH Network – you know you’re in good hands.

How does the ACH fit into your specific business? Will a debit-based or credit-based model work best? What about the risks? And how does your customer’s profile fit in? We’ll make sure you not only understand ACH – but how ACH payments can be leveraged by your business and your specific customers for maximum results.

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ISO 20022

Leverage ISO 20022 as a Global Messaging Standard.

Is your financial institution prepared to help corporate clients standardize messages across all payments types? As the global market continues to evolve and move towards ISO 20022 standards, there is heightened demand for EDI remittance data in ISO 20022 XML format.

Our specialists - though mapping and other services - can enable greater automation and straight-through processing (STP), while reducing payments exceptions and risk.

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Custom Onsite Training

Dynamic companies in the payments space that are growing, hiring and expanding into new verticals need a trusted ‘payments boot camp’ that offers custom training and education to the team.

Nacha’s renowned Payments Institute can serve you – at your facility – and train product, sales, technical, operational, and finance groups. We bring all of the expertise you would expect from Nacha, Elevation consulting and our team of industry experts who serve as faculty for this highly respected program. 

Each Custom program is created from the most current curriculum, and includes basic, intermediate and masters level courses.  You select the courses, and  train as many team members as you wish.

Let us work with you to build the 2-day training program that meets the needs of your business, your team and your customers. In the convenience of your office.

Sample course offerings include:

  • Introduction to the U.S. Payments Ecosystem
  • Market Update Faster Payments – Facts, Industry Update and What it Means to Your Customers
  • What's Next with ACH – Same Day ACH and Nacha Rules Update
  • Mobile & Digital Banking & Payments
  • Payments Revolution Part I: Technology and Part 2: User Experience
  • The Future of ISO 20022
  • Planning for the Future of ISO20022
  • Risk, Legal & Compliance for Payments
  • The basics for: ACH, Cards, Wires, and International Payments
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Do you know how much payments are costing your business?

Do you know how much payments are costing your business?

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About Nacha Elevation Consulting

With Elevation consulting, we are able to expand our advisory capabilities and work with businesses, both in the US and abroad, to help them understand how payments can help them achieve success. Grounded in facts and strategy, with connections across the industry, our experts work closely with clients of all sizes to optimize payments and drive profitability.

We enable organizations that are just getting started, as well as those that have been doing business for years, to operate more efficiently and capture real savings through the smart integration and optimization of electronic payments. A startup looking to integrate payments into their business. A corporation looking to optimize payments. A financial institution with detailed questions about how to approach ISO20022. Each of these organizations can benefit from partnering with Nacha’s Elevation consulting team to explore and optimize payment services.

Diane Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO, Change the World Fund


“Nacha’s Elevation Consulting set us up for success. As creators of a new platform and product in the marketplace, we relied on them to help us identify our unique position within the payments and financial institution landscape. The Elevation team asked all the right questions and helped us navigate those crucial early days. Their extensive experience and knowledge across the board, and their leadership in the payment space, gave us enormous confidence and trust.”

Kyran Culhane, Managing Partner, DCDB Group

dcdb logo

“Elevation helped us demonstrate the value and power of the ACH Network to Puerto Rican institutions who are now able to lower cost and increase efficiencies.

DCDB Group is a global financial institution consultancy firm working with a client base in Puerto Rico to provide access to the ACH Network. When the time came to choose a strategic partner for this effort, we went to Nacha – the recognized ACH experts and governing organization for the US ACH Network.  As partners with Elevation, we are removing friction and increasing ease of use of the Network for our client banks and their corporate customers.”

Markus Rupprecht, Founder & CEO, Traxpay

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“We chose Elevation to write the custom rule set for our new B2B platform because no one was better qualified to do so.  Period.  Trusted stewards of the US ACH Network, Elevation created the national common standard that has helped Traxpay support banks with digitalized B2B business.”

George Throckmorton, Managing Director of Elevation

George 400 x 400

As one of the most recognized thought leaders in the payments industry, George’s legacy includes a rare mix of all sides of electronics payments, including a deep understanding of B2B and B2C. Electronic payments, check processing, AP/AR Treasury, card processing, payment scheme rules and standards and payment innovation rank among his focus areas.

George has been critical to transforming the payment industry.He headed up electronic banking and payment for a top 10 financial institution, was the national marketing manager for a leading financial services technology provider, and served as the product manager for small and medium-sized businesses for a renowned technology provider. He is also the managing director for Nacha.

Your Elevation Team

George Throckmorton heads a team that offers an international profile of fluency in banking and technology. Together, senior-level executives and industry partners create break-through, actionable strategies and solutions, leveraging backgrounds in financial services, private and public sectors, and consulting.