About Nacha Direct Members

Nacha Direct Members are comprised of financial institutions and payments association organizations that shape and influence the governance and direction of the ACH Network and the Nacha Operating Rules. Through cross-industry cooperation, innovation and collaboration, Nacha’s Direct Members are committed to shaping the future of the ACH Network.

Direct Members are active participants in Nacha’s efforts to educate and advocate for the ACH Network with regulators, legislators, and other stakeholder organizations whose policies affect the payments system. These efforts help increase understanding of the role financial institutions play in the payments system and help them serve their customers more effectively.

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Direct Members: Financial Institutions
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Direct Membership Cost for Financial Institutions

$38,050 annually, in addition to a one-time capital contribution of $10,000

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What Organizations are Eligible for Membership?

Any federally insured depository financial institution that is a member of a payments association can join.

Direct Members: Payments Associations

Gain expertise and guidance on Nacha Operating Rules and other payment system initiatives by joining a payments association. As Direct Members of Nacha, payments associations shape the ACH Network and the Nacha Operating Rules. By joining a payments association, your organization will not only benefit from information, resources and ongoing support, but can contribute to the development and future of the ACH Network.

Payments associations are specially recognized and licensed providers of ACH education, publications and support. While each association is a separate organization, payments associations share a common goal of improving U.S. payment systems quality through industry representation, education and support. Representing the diverse breadth of U.S. financial institutions to Nacha, the payments associations are key contributors to the Nacha rulemaking process, professional accreditation programs, and ACH advocacy and education. Nacha strongly encourages all financial institutions to seek and maintain membership in a payments association.

Macha - Everything Payments - Everywhere
NEACH - New England ACH Association
Southern Financial Exchange ​
The Clearing House Payments Authority
UMACHA - Upper Midwest ACH Association

The 10 payments associations also sponsor a joint program called the Center for Payments for the purpose of helping members and staff better prepare for the continued evolution in U.S. payment systems.

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What types of organizations can join a payments association?

Payments associations welcome banks, credit unions, corporations, e-commerce companies and payments technology providers as members. Learn more.

How do I find a payments association?

To find a payments association, please visit the Center for Payments


Financial Institution Direct Members:

  • Vote directly on Nacha Operating Rules ballots and participate in the Nacha rulemaking process
  • Lead and participate in various advisory groups, committees and initiatives
  • Nominate, elect and serve on Nacha’s Board of Directors to help provide vision and leadership for the ACH Network and Nacha’s future
  • Contribute to Nacha’s efforts to educate and advocate for the ACH Network with regulators, legislators and other stakeholder organizations whose policies affect the payments system
  • Receive member pricing, discounts and special program opportunities
  • Network with other payments industry leaders to share ideas and perspectives
  • Participate in the Nacha Lawyers Committee, a group of the payments industry attorneys whose purpose is to provide a forum for attorneys to discuss relevant topics such as new Rules under consideration, discuss members’ attorneys concerns about ACH questions and the ACH Network.