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The latest Rules, strategies, tools and communications for fast, simple and secure end-to-end ACH payments processing.

Treasury and finance payments practitioners and payroll professionals at corporations, larger businesses and governmental organizations (federal, state and local) are big users of ACH payments—from paying bills and employees, to receiving payments for the sale of their product/service.

This section provides the latest ACH Network advancements you care about. We have information on a range of topics, including how the Same Day ACH $1 million per payment limit can be used for invoice and supplier payments, tax payments, payroll funding, merchant funding, and cash concentration. There’s also the latest on remittance, payment data validation and risk management strategies.

ACH Rules for Payments Practitioners

Familiarity with the Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines  is vital to understanding your organization’s electronic payment opportunities and risks.  ACH payments benefit everyone in so many ways, and billions of payments worth trillions of dollars are successfully transacted each year.  But do you know your organization’s responsibilities and rights in the ACH Network when dealing with exceptions?

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ACH Rules Briefings, Webinars and Other Resources


Briefings provide detailed information on Rules, the impact, purpose and attention required. Learn more by downloading each briefing or visiting each Rule's dedicated webpage.

Quarterly Webinar: Upcoming Nacha Operating Rules and How They Affect You

There are a number of changes coming to the Nacha Operating Rules that treasury, finance and payroll professionals need to understand. These webinars highlight what the new Rules are, their benefits and impacts to you, and how to prepare from both the sending and receiving perspectives.

Nacha presents a free webinar for end users every quarter to provide the most current information on ACH Rules. Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2024 updates which will be held on September 26 and December 18. Register now:

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Additional Resources

Learn more about all the upcoming ACH Rules changes and proposed Rules that are open for comment, and find even more resources in the Account Validation Resource Center or view videos on YouTube.

New Rules   Proposed Rules   Account Validation Resource Center 

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