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The payments industry continues to evolve. To stay informed on the changes, all Network participants from businesses to customers benefit from the annual refresh of the Nacha Operating Guidelines. Upcoming Rule amendments include an increase to the Same Day ACH dollar limit, phase two of supplementing data security requirements, and updates to third-party sender roles and responsibilities. Understand your rights and obligations so you can apply sound business practices to your organization. For the best user experience, please log in before beginning your product purchases.

Although various formats of the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines are available for purchase, the printed version of the Rules governs in the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency.

If you want to stay ahead on regulations and compliance, or if you are studying for the AAP or APRP exams, complement your goal with this valuable resource.

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The 2022 subscription will be available for purchase Dec. 15, 2021.

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