Afinis Interoperability Standards

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"We just have the perfect opportunity to exchange information and ideas in an incredibly efficient manner because the financial institutions are here, the technology providers are here, government institutions and agencies are here." 
Afinis API Products

View the Afinis APIs available for testing and those planned for future development. View detailed documentation and learn how to start testing.

Gears Moving

Transaction Status

This API provides payment originators with transaction status via real-time message.

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Gear Moving Money

ACH Payment Initiation

This API provides payment originators with a standardized way to submit ACH payment instructions. 

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Key on Keyboard

Bank Contact Information

This API allows originating financial institutions to quickly alert receiving financial institutions of potential fraud to help ensure funds are not distributed.

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Scrabble Letters

Account Validation

This API ensures target accounts are valid and payments are posted as desired.

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About Afinis

Afinis Interoperability Standards is a membership-based standards organization that brings together diverse collaborators – through innovative and agile processes – to develop implementable, interoperable and portable API standards and other financial services standards across operating environments and platforms. 

Afinis collaborates openly and globally, working with groups around the world to share learning, reduce duplicative efforts, and create standards that lessen friction and improve the ability of diverse stakeholders to partner in bringing innovations more quickly to market.