ACH Programs and Resources

The ACH Network processes electronic financial transactions – such as Direct Deposit and Direct Payments – for consumers, businesses, and federal, state and local governments. Learn more via the links below. Links to additional ACH resources also can be found below.

ACH Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the national emergency brought about by the coronavirus, Nacha will provide updated information regarding ACH Network operations. This includes Operations Bulletins, articles, helpful links and more.

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Account Validation Resource Center

ACH Originators are currently preparing for an upcoming Nacha Operating Rule. A screening requirement will be supplemented to make it explicit that account validation is part of a commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system. An extension of the effective date of this Rule allows for additional time, education and guidance to the industry to put processes in place. Visit our Account Validation Resource Center for more information and resources to prepare for the upcoming Rule.

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ACH Rules Resources for Corporates

Corporate end users will find the resources they need in one place, including End-User Briefings, Requests for Comment and more.

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International ACH Transactions (IATs)

As electronic payments have grown, so has their use across national borders. To ensure that cross-border payments are both efficient and secure, the ACH Network provides an ACH format that includes information on all parties to the transactions. This format allows RDFIs to easily comply with the Rules and streamline international payments.

IRS Refund Return Opt-In Program

The IRS Refund Opt-In Program was developed by the IRS and Nacha to make it easier for financial institutions to return tax refund credits in cases of suspected error or fraud.

​​​​​​​State Tax Refund Return Opt-In Program: Prevent Future Fraudulent Refunds

Developed by the State Revenue Agencies and Nacha, the State Tax Refund Return Opt-In Program makes it easier for financial institutions to return tax refund credits in cases of suspected error or fraud.

Banking Conventions

When we find that partners in a particular industry or government sector need to exchange payments and information in a specialized way, we collaborate to figure out the best use of the ACH Network. Banking conventions, or the formats used to present data in an Addenda Record, are one way that Nacha has adapted the ACH Network to meet specific needs. Using the right convention with the right payment process means smarter, more efficient electronic transfers.

Request for Payment

Request for Payment allows businesses to send electronic invoices and receive corresponding payment and remittance through the ACH Network, supporting straight-through processing, creating efficiencies, and providing for cost savings.

XML-ACH Remittance (XML-ACH)

The XML-ACH allows businesses to safely and securely transmit ISO 20022 approved payment remittance information for B2B transactions in a standardized XML format via the ACH Network.