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Article November 18, 2020
Businesses and other organizations play an important role in the modern ACH Network, which is why Nacha has created a new ACH Rules for Corporates Resource Center dedicated to assisting them.
Article November 2, 2020
Nacha welcomes Nivelo to its growing list of partners– including Visa – who have signed up as an early adopter of Phixius, a payment-information exchange platform that helps organizations more securely share and manage electronic payments information.
Article October 20, 2020
Volume on the ACH Network totaled 6.8 billion payments in the third quarter of 2020, a 9% increase from the same period in 2019.
Article October 7, 2020
​​​​​​​iCheckGateway.com is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Solutions and Automation.
Article October 6, 2020
Nacha Names Jeanette Hait Blanco as General Counsel. Appointment rounds out the Nacha Executive Management team.
Article October 2, 2020
Nacha has approved eight new amendments to the Nacha Operating Rules governing the use of ACH payments. Many of the changes reflect a long-term strategy to modernize the ACH system, both through infrastructure improvements such as Same Day ACH; and making ACH payments easier to use for the country’s consumers, businesses and other organizations.
Article September 17, 2020
The Alliance, a membership organization, brings together diverse, global stakeholders – including financial institutions, solution providers, corporates, and more – to support payments innovation. Through various active Project Teams, the Alliance collaborates to create tools designed to influence existing and emerging payment trends, drive change, remove barriers, and support innovation.
Article September 15, 2020
The APRP exam tests for comprehensive risk management knowledge across all payment types, including check, wire, debit, credit and prepaid cards, emerging and alternative payments, and ACH.
Article August 19, 2020
More than 97% of Recipients of Social Security and Veterans Benefits Rely on Direct Deposit.
Article August 12, 2020
Visa joins a growing list of partners piloting Phixius, which helps credentialed providers share and manage electronic payments information.
Article July 15, 2020
The ACH Network reported payment volume growth of 7.9% in the second quarter of 2020, compared to the same period a year ago, reflecting the use of the Network to deliver economic assistance to individuals and businesses, as well as an acceleration in the shift from paying by paper check to paying electronically.
Article July 13, 2020
Afinis brings diverse collaborators together to build and test solutions, develop implementable and portable standards, and provide thought leadership on the shared goals of advancing efficiency, surety and security, and interoperability for financial services.
Article June 29, 2020

Lyons Commercial Data is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for Routing Number, and Account and Ownership Verification.

Article June 1, 2020
Nacha has approved Paychex, Inc. for a two-year renewal of its Nacha Certified status, good through May 2022. 
Article May 31, 2020
Nacha has awarded Nacha Certified status to Secure Payment Systems, a payment processing and information services provider.
Article May 28, 2020
A new white paper authored by Mercator Advisory Group highlights how – as payments become faster – ACH supports the future of the industry with Same Day ACH, while providing the money-movement infrastructure for many other payment products.
Article May 18, 2020
Nacha has awarded Nacha Certified status to human capital management firm Paycor.
Article May 11, 2020
PaymentWorks is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for Business Identity Services. In becoming a Preferred Partner, PaymentWorks joins a select group of innovators whose offerings align with Nacha’s strategies to advance the ACH Network.
Article April 20, 2020

Nacha today announced it has named Forte®, a CSG® company, as a Preferred Partner for Government Agency ACH Payment Gateways.  

Article April 8, 2020
Nacha has released ACH Network results for the first quarter of 2020.