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Nacha creates broadly adopted payment and financial messaging rules and standards through consensus-led governance, international collaboration, and innovative development practices. We continually advance the ubiquitous ACH Network and engage diverse stakeholders to accelerate a digital future of global financial services interoperability.

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Five Tips to Prepare for Your Next Regulator Exam

December 3, 2019
At its most recent meeting, members of Nacha’s Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) discussed tips on how a financial institution can prepare for its next regulator exam. Here are some of the key points.

Five Reasons Why it’s Crazy for Businesses to Write Checks

December 2, 2019
Remember the “Jetsons” cartoon when George Jetson took his dog Astro out for a walk on the space treadmill? Yikes! He got sucked up into a never-ending, out-of-control spin cycle, screaming, “Jane, stop this crazy thing!” Similarly, many businesses are stuck on the check-writing treadmill.

Board Nominating Committee Announces New Officers & Directors

November 19, 2019
The Nacha Board Nominating Committee is pleased to recognize those individuals who have been elected as Board Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer and Nacha Directors. Officer Elections Officer candidates were put forward by the Nominating Committee for Board approval at the Nov. 13-14, 2019, meeting of the Nacha Board of Directors. Joe W. Hussey, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan, has been elected by the Board of Directors to serve as Chairperson for 2020.

Nacha Files Comment Letter Re: FedNow Service

November 5, 2019
On Oct. 31, 2019, Nacha submitted a comment letter to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in response to the recent notice and request for comment regarding the proposal to develop a new real-time payment and settlement service, called FedNow.
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Nacha Announces Dwolla as a Preferred Partner for ACH Technology

October 25, 2019
Dwolla is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Technology. In becoming a Nacha Preferred Partner, Dwolla joins a select group of innovators contributing to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the ACH payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, improving cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments.  “The ACH Network is thriving and our Preferred Partners play a key role in building the modern network,” said Jane Larimer, Nacha President and CEO.
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Sullivan & Dunn Address Faster Payroll Misconceptions

October 22, 2019
Nacha’s Bill Sullivan and American Payroll Association’s, Bill Dunn sat down with PaymentsJournal to discuss the misconceptions around Direct Deposit during faster payments debate inside the Beltway.
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