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Article August 16, 2023

For more than a decade, Nacha has actively encouraged healthcare providers to move away from checks and receive claim payments by ACH.

Landing Page February 25, 2023
Using Healthcare Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for electronic claim payments simplifies accounting and reduces costs while also being HIPAA-compliant.
Landing Page Two Column Sections January 22, 2023
When healthcare EFT is used with electronic remittance advice (ERA), the healthcare EFT standard can help streamline processes and create cost savings. Find the resources to support the adoption of the EFT Standard and ERA.
Article January 10, 2023
Nacha's efforts to get healthcare providers to use ACH for claim payments are paying off, with about 453 million healthcare claims paid by ACH last year, up 6.3% from 2021. 
Article August 2, 2022
While ACH is as easy as ABC in the payments world, not everyone knows about the benefits of using electronic payments. That’s where Nacha’s Industry Verticals team comes in.
Article May 10, 2022
Presidents typically stand before Congress and proclaim the state of the union to be strong. Michael Herd was looking for a different adjective to describe the ACH State of the Union and came up with the perfect fit: “historic.”
Article March 30, 2022

After closing her practice for seven weeks during the pandemic, Dr. Hope E. Watson was grateful to get back to work, and called electronic claim payments "a blessing." 

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Article October 12, 2021
2021 is shaping up to be a banner year for healthcare volume on the ACH Network, as medical and dental providers increasingly recognize the advantages of electronic claim payments. 
Landing Page August 27, 2021
The number of payments and value conducted on the ACH Network.
Article August 3, 2021
Nacha recently filed comments in response to a request related to “Healthcare Standards Development, Adoption and Implementation” from the National Committee on Vital Health and Statistics (NCVHS).
Article May 26, 2021
As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, healthcare claim payments are on the rise. Figures from Nacha show nearly 37.4 million healthcare claim payments were made to providers by ACH in March 2021, the most ever in a single month, and an increase of 19.3% over March 2020. The value of those payments, more than $171.3 billion, is up 13% from a year earlier. 
Article June 8, 2020

When Dr. Mark MiHalo first began practicing dentistry, claims had to be mailed in, and then he waited for checks. But with the ease of today's electronic payments, there's no reason to look back.

Article February 10, 2020
Why does Northern Virginia dentist Dr. Amy Adair like electronic claim payments via ACH? And what happened when an insurer tried sending virtual credit cards? Nacha's case study shows why EFT payments is the way to go for healthcare professionals.