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Article January 21, 2021

ACH Growth Gets Boost from Stimulus Payments and Shift from Checks

Strong growth continued on the ACH Network in the final quarter of 2020, with 7 billion payments made, an increase of nearly 9% from a year earlier.

Article January 12, 2021

Moving the modern ACH Network forward to provide users with the best possible experience is one of Nacha’s most important goals. That’s why the ACH Network is always evolving, and this year will be no different.

Product January 7, 2021

Recorded Jan. 7, 2021
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Article December 14, 2020

File holders, you know who you are, but for those who don’t, allow us to explain. 

Article December 9, 2020

Nacha is requesting comment on a proposal to increase the dollar limit for Same Day ACH payments. 

Article November 20, 2020
A big Same Day ACH enhancement arrives in March, but the chairman of the Nacha Board of Directors said changing to meet user needs is an ongoing process.
Article October 20, 2020
Volume on the ACH Network totaled 6.8 billion payments in the third quarter of 2020, a 9% increase from the same period in 2019.
Article October 19, 2020
The new third window for Same Day ACH is coming in March, meaning the time to prepare is now.
Product September 30, 2020

Recorded Sept. 30, 2020
Recording available until May 15, 2021

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Product September 30, 2020

Recorded Sept. 29, 2020
Recording available until May 15, 2021
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Article September 17, 2020
With paper check use declining and electronic payment methods on the rise, the ACH Network has grown tremendously in recent years. A recent PaymentsJournal podcast unpacked how this growth continued into 2020, even as the pandemic disrupted regular economic activity. In fact, the pandemic underscored just how reliable and valuable the ACH Network is to commercial and economic activity.
Article August 31, 2020
Business Email Compromise is a major concern today, but it appears that the recent enhancement to Same Day ACH has not resulted in any increase in criminal activity, an informal Nacha survey found.
Product August 21, 2020

By Richard Oliver & George Warfel Jr.

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Article July 15, 2020
The ACH Network reported payment volume growth of 7.9% in the second quarter of 2020, compared to the same period a year ago, reflecting the use of the Network to deliver economic assistance to individuals and businesses, as well as an acceleration in the shift from paying by paper check to paying electronically.
Resource July 13, 2020
Nacha has issued guidance regarding the $100,000 per transaction limit on Same Day ACH transactions. 
Article May 28, 2020
A new white paper authored by Mercator Advisory Group highlights how – as payments become faster – ACH supports the future of the industry with Same Day ACH, while providing the money-movement infrastructure for many other payment products.
Article April 8, 2020
Nacha has released ACH Network results for the first quarter of 2020.
Article March 20, 2020
Starting today the Same Day ACH per payment dollar limit jumps from $25,000 to $100,000.
Article March 17, 2020
The wait is almost over. This Friday, the latest enhancement to Same Day ACH takes effect.
Article February 18, 2020

Following Nacha’s confirmation of March 19, 2021, as the effective date for the new, third Same Day ACH window, The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve Banks, as