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Product September 16, 2021
Recorded Aug. 23-26, 2021 Recording access valid until Nov. 30, 2021 Recording access purchases are final Remote Connect offers the actionable, leading-edge education you expect from Nacha with more than 120 sessions presented by payments industry leaders. Join us and enjoy unique engagement opportunities including 1:1 meeting scheduler, a multitude of sessions with live speaker Q&A via chat, the ability to engage in specialized small group discussions and demos, a chance to learn about the latest fintech solutions at the virtual exhibit hall, plus fun events including a comedy show, an illusionist happy hour, lunch and learns and more. Access to session content is available to attendees for 90 days following the event, at no additional cost.
Article September 9, 2021
To mark the fifth anniversary of Same Day ACH, Nacha has new cases studies showcasing the ways this faster payment method is being put to use.
Article September 8, 2021
As Same Day ACH marks its fifth anniversary, Nacha President and CEO Jane Larimer looks at some milestones and what's ahead.
Basic page September 2, 2021
WEB transactions, or Internet-Initiated/Mobile Entries, are one of the fastest-growing areas of Direct Payment via ACH. As more organizations look for sound business practices and solutions to offer WEB payment options, Nacha developed eResources to support businesses and financial institutions in implementing and using the WEB code.
Basic page September 2, 2021
Account takeover is a type of cybercrime or identity theft where a malicious third party gains access to (or “takes over”) an online account, such as an e-mail address, bank account, or social media profile.
Basic page September 2, 2021
COVID-19 scams are frauds that primarily rely on the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Basic page September 2, 2021
A money mule is someone who transfers or moves illegally acquired money on behalf of someone else.
Basic page September 2, 2021
Ransomware is a type of malware that threatens to publish the victim's personal data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.
Basic page September 2, 2021
Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are a form of cybercrime that uses email fraud to attack organizations. In 2020, the FBI (through IC3.gov) received 19,369 BEC/EAC complaints with adjusted losses of over $1.8 billion.
Article September 1, 2021
In the second quarter of 2021, Same Day ACH payment volume was 148.7 million, an increase of 82% over the same time in 2020. Those payments transferred $250 billion, up 115% from a year earlier. 
Product August 18, 2021

Recorded Sept. 14, 2021
Recording access valid until March 31, 2022
Recording access purchases are final

Event August 18, 2021

Join us Sept. 24th for the third quarter Quarterly Rules Update Conference Call.

Article August 17, 2021
Regulation E and the Nacha Operating Rules each have a 60-day period that applies to unauthorized payments. But in complying with both Reg E and the Nacha Rules, understanding the differences in these periods is important.  
Article August 16, 2021
Improving and simplifying the ACH user experience is the key behind Meaningful Modernization, a set of Rules that become effective on Sept. 17. With just 30 days left, Nacha wanted to remind you of the resources available to help.
Article August 16, 2021

By now you’ve likely seen the ACH Network’s second quarter results for this year. While the 9.9% overall growth rate is proof that the ACH Network is thriving, it doesn’t tell the full story. To do that, you need to take a closer look at some of the numbers that factor in.

Article August 16, 2021
While there’s an overwhelming desire to return to pre-pandemic life, some changes to the payments landscape are likely permanent—and that’s a good thing.
Article August 3, 2021
It’s called the ACH Contact Registry, but it’s being used for a whole lot more. Learn how a credit union uses the Registry to find contacts at other financial institutions to check on wires.
Article July 30, 2021
Meaningful Modernization is coming very soon. Learn more about it in this blog and the accompanying Nacha podcast.
Article July 28, 2021
A survey by RMAG found no increase in fraud attributable to the later hours for submitting Same Day ACH payments.
Article July 27, 2021
Robust growth continued for the modern ACH Network in the second quarter of 2021. Payment volume climbed 9.9%, with particularly strong growth in business-to-business (B2B) payments.