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Basic page September 22, 2020
Transit services can use ACH Payments to reduce costs and involuntary churn.
Article September 18, 2020
When COVID-19 forced much of the world into lockdown it was unchartered territory for many, including Nacha Elevation Consulting. As it turns out, we’ve been busy in recent months, and noticed a common thread among our clients: they want anything tied to payments to be moved to all digital.
Article September 16, 2020
As part of Nacha’s efforts to educate more corporate end users on the ACH Network and upcoming Rule changes, Nacha is offering two free webinars to corporate end-users. The webinars are limited to only end users, and Nacha encourages our financial institution members to share the links with your corporate (ie business, government, nonprofit, education, association) customers.
Basic page September 15, 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic raged across the country, the U.S. government turned to Direct Deposit to deliver millions of stimulus payments to Americans. On April 15, exactly as the IRS instructed, 81 million Americans woke up to find their stimulus payments safely in their bank accounts thanks to Direct Deposit. Ultimately, the IRS would authorize 120 million payments via Direct Deposit.
Landing Page September 9, 2020
Direct Deposit and Direct Payments impact your life from your salary to your mortgage payment to paying a friend for last night's dinner.
Landing Page September 9, 2020
Direct Deposit and Direct Payment can help businesses save time and cut costs. And, for nonprofits and religious organizations, Direct Payment helps manage and increase automatic donations.
Basic page September 1, 2020
Written by experienced experts from both the private and the government sector, The Story of Payments: How The Industrialization of Trust Created the Modern Payments System tells the story of how payments – between people, merchants, employers and governments – emerged from the ancient system of barter and grew, through various technological implementations ranging from coins and paper money to checks, wire transfers and credit cards to today’s entirely electronic local and international payment systems.
Article August 31, 2020
Business Email Compromise is a major concern today, but it appears that the recent enhancement to Same Day ACH has not resulted in any increase in criminal activity, an informal Nacha survey found.
Article August 28, 2020
 Discussing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on payments.
Article August 26, 2020
​​​​​​​Phixius, Nacha’s payment information exchange platform, has been selected to present Phixius at Finova, which features demos and presentations on the latest innovations in financial technology.
Product August 21, 2020

By Richard Oliver & George Warfel Jr.

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Article August 19, 2020
Nacha issues a statement from Jane Larimer President & CEO of Nacha regarding recent comments that claim significant concerns over the delivery of payments from the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Benefits Administration via the U.S. Postal Service. However, more than 97% of recipients of Social Security and Veterans Benefits rely on direct Deposit
Basic page August 17, 2020
Subscription services can use ACH Payments to reduce costs and involuntary churn.
Article August 5, 2020
It's Simplify Your Life Week, and Nacha has some excellent ideas to help you make things easier by using electronic payments.
Article August 3, 2020
In just the first month, nearly 9,400 contacts were registered in the new ACH Contact Registry. And there are already success stories being told.
Landing Page July 23, 2020
Safe, secure, reliable. When your religious organization makes ACH an option, it benefits you, your donors, and your mission. Sign up for occasional news to learn how ACH Giving can help.
Landing Page July 16, 2020
Lean below how to tap into the ACH Network and use Direct Deposit to free up time, money and energy to help you grow your business. Quickly and easily process payroll, while ensuring your cash flow remains consistent and easy to forecast.
Resource July 13, 2020
Nacha has issued guidance regarding the $100,000 per transaction limit on Same Day ACH transactions. 
Article July 7, 2020
As communities begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19, businesses also are starting the long process of returning to normal – slowly, but surely. And there are definitely some lessons learned. The key one, of course, is how to make payments remotely. 
Landing Page July 2, 2020
Enabling payments across the spectrum through Afinis, Elevation Consulting and Phixius.