ACH Audit Workbook

Regulators and the ACH Rules require all financial institutions to conduct an ACH audit annually. And, as a result of the 2019 removal of Appendix Eight from the ACH Rules, institutions are now encouraged to take a risk-based approach to their audit. If you are conducting your audit internally, this fully interactive workbook will eliminate guesswork and guide you through the process. Updated in 2020, this popular tool has been enhanced to be even more user-friendly and walk you through conducting your risk-based audit. Bringing in pertinent criteria from the ACH Rules, the workbook now also examines ODFI and RDFI internal controls, OFAC controls, the ACH Operator relationship and related regulatory requirements. Includes instructions for use. Upon completion of the workbook pages, a summary report is generated to help you quickly identify and prioritize changes to implement in order to reduce risk. 

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