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Payments SmartCast

Episode 6: Looking Back/Looking Forward with Jane Larimer

The ACH Network saw new challenges in 2021, from economic impact payments and child tax credits to a surge in B2B payments. But Nacha President and CEO Jane Larimer says she believes the ACH Network “met all of the challenges the year threw at it with aplomb.” Join Jane Larimer for the year in review and a look ahead to 2022.


Payments SmartCast

Episode 5: Same Day ACH 5th Anniversary

Same Day ACH marks its fifth anniversary in September 2021. Learn more about its inception, the practical application for businesses, and a perspective on what’s next for Same Day ACH, as we chat with Mike Herd, Nacha Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration.


Payments SmartCast

Episode 4: Meaningful Modernization

Meaningful Modernization is coming very soon. Learn more about what these Nacha Rules changes mean for ACH Network participants.


Payments SmartCast

Episode 3: ACH for Nonprofits

One of Nacha’s goals has been to increase the use of electronic bank transfers by charitable and religious groups. To that end, Nacha recently completed a major overhaul of its Nonprofit Toolkit, which has pretty much everything a charitable group would need to start or expand its program. The Toolkit is available at


Payments SmartCast

Episode 2: The ACH Risk Management Handbook

Discover why this recently updated publication is an important resource for you. Purchase the new edition from the Nacha store.


Payments SmartCast

Episode 1: The Story of Payments

Find out what it's all about. Listen in on this interview with the authors of a new book now available in the Nacha store.


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