June 13, 2024

Podcast: Nacha’s Risk Management Resource Center is a ‘Go-To Spot’


When it comes to risk management, Nacha has a wealth of valuable information. It’s now a lot easier to find thanks to its new home in Nacha’s Risk Management Resource Center

“It’s going to be a go-to spot,” said Jordan Bennett, Nacha Senior Director, Risk Management. “I think financial institutions are definitely the No. 1 group that will benefit from this.” 

The Center—available to all, without a password—allows users to search in different ways, including by topic and date. The sources of information found in the Center include Nacha’s Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) and the Payments Innovation Alliance, which resonates with Michelle Yates, Director of Third Party Risk Management at Synovus Bank.  

“I can go get that trusted information, I know it’s been vetted, and I’m comfortable with having that information as something I can share out to our client base and give to our front-line treasury management consultants to have in their conversations,” said Yates, who also chairs RMAG.  

Interviewed on Nacha’s Payments SmartCast, Yates said focusing on risk management is crucial, and the Center will make it easier to keep up with developments.  

“Staying current on certain fraud schemes is really important,” said Yates. “Fraud is really interesting. It’s kind of like fashion: What was old comes back around at some point in time but tends to get a little bit better.”  

Much more was discussed, including a look at the work RMAG does. Listen to the complete podcast.