ISO 20022

ISO 20022 enables greater automation and straight-through processing, while reducing payments exceptions and risk. Nacha is leading efforts to promote ISO 20022 integration in the U.S. and helping stakeholders understand the benefits and implications for our industry.

About ISO 20022

ISO 20022 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is the global messaging standard for financial business transactions, including payments. Today, many multinational companies are utilizing this standard as part of their accounts payable functions. Use of the standard enables greater automation and straight-through processing, and can help reduce payments processing errors. It is important that financial institutions and other Network users understand the benefits of the ISO 20022 standard and its implications for the payments industry.

Nacha Programs Supporting ISO 20022

  • Nacha’s ISO 20022-to-ACH Mapping Guide & Tool: enables financial institutions to support businesses that leverage ISO 20022 by providing standardized guidance to facilitate translation of ISO 20022 pain.001 (credit) and pain.008 (debit) messages into ACH transactions, and by providing standardized guidance for translating ACH reject/return messages to corresponding ISO 20022 payment status and treasury reporting messages (pain.002 and camt.053).
  • Nacha’s ISO 20022 Validator Tool: a complement to Nacha’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool, the Validator tests conformity of ISO 20022 payment instructions for U.S. ACH file formats.
  • Nacha’s XML-ACH Remittance (XML-ACH): allows businesses to safely and securely transmit ISO 20022-approved payment remittance information for B2B transactions in a standardized XML format via the ACH Network.
  • Nacha Consulting: The Nacha Consulting team can support ISO formatting of ACH messages, and works with business and FI clients who are expanding their international payments offerings. Let us help you with global payments standards,  identify and manage risk, and implement the proper controls to deliver a robust international payments business.

Nacha’s ISO 20022 Resource Center

View the many educational resources, including reports, case studies, infographics and more, in Nacha's ISO 20022 Resource Center to learn more about the messaging standard, its current uses and benefits for financial institutions and businesses.

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