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Businesses have their share of expenses, particularly paying suppliers. When they skip the checks and pay online, that’s a Business-to-Business payment, or B2B.
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The 2022 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Digital Payments Survey, released Oct. 4, found that just 33% of business-to-business (B2B) payments in the United States and Canada are made by check. Barely a decade ago, in 2013, the figure was 50%, while as far back as 2004 it was 81%. 

It’s no wonder given that they come with all the necessary remittance information. There’s also safety and savings. The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) recently found checks are the payment type most impacted by fraud. AFP also reported that the median cost of initiating and receiving an ACH payment for businesses is between 26 cents and 50 cents, while the median cost of issuing a check is between $2.01 and $4.

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Companies of all sizes have long relied on the rock-solid ACH Network to receive payments and pay vendors/suppliers, leading to strong year-over-year growth.

2023 Key Metrics

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B2B Payments by Volume

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2023 Key Metrics
YoY Growth:
Payments: 10.8%
Dollars: 3.2%
Total Payments:
6.59 billion
Total Dollars Transferred:
$54.20 trillion