Phixius is a platform for securely exchanging payment-related information utilizing technology and rules within a network of credentialed service providers.

What is Phixius

Phixius is a subscription-based data service platform that facilitates the trusted exchange of pre- and post-payment information. Phixius is the result of Nacha leveraging its 45 years of experience partnering with the financial industry to envision a standardized, interoperable, and independent utility for the payments industry. Phixius connects two parties securely, easily, and effectively utilizing a model built on established rules, technology, and six core principles:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Standardization
  • Authentication
  • Trust
  • Auditability

Phixius’ Xchange Services accelerate and deliver verified, trusted and seamless customer experiences. Below is one of many Phixius Xchange Services available to you.

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