March 23, 2020

Account Validation Resource Center

The Supplementing Fraud Detection Standards for WEB Debits rule (effective March 19, 2021) is neutral regarding specific methods or technologies used to validate first-use consumer account information. Possibilities include:

  • An ACH prenotification
  • ACH micro-transaction verification
  • Commercially available validation service

Merchants and Billers that use WEB Debits (consumer debit payments authorized or initiated over an online channel) may have existing capabilities that support the use of ACH Prenotification Entries and/or ACH micro-transactions to validate first-use consumer account numbers as required under the rule. Organizations may wish to contact their financial institution(s) or payment software vendors in consideration of validation solutions. The below list provides some of the third-party vendors that offer account validation services, either independent or in conjunction with ACH payment services.

Additional Resources

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Account Validation Vendor Webinar Series
Nacha — in cooperation with its Preferred Partners — recorded this complimentary 2020 webinar series that showcases five solution providers.

Nacha's Phixius Platform can assist companies, fintechs and financial institutions with compliance.

Third-Party Validation Service Vendors

Vendors may use pools of data, validation of online banking credentials, or a combination of both methods to validate account information. Many may also offer ACH Prenotification Entries or micro-transaction processing as an alternative validation method in some cases.

Key: PP = Preferred Partner, PIA = Payments Innovation Alliance Member, NC = Nacha Certified

Data Consortium Vendors

Credential Validation Vendors

Combined Solution Vendors

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Financial Institutions (FIs) will be required to validate first-use consumer account numbers when originating consumer debit payments authorized or initiated over an online channel, such as for account opening or loan payment. FIs may also want to contact their core and/or ACH processing software provider, if applicable, about available solutions:

Alphabetical resource list is not inclusive or representative of any endorsement.

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