April 16, 2024

Check Out the Many Enhancements to Nacha’s Risk Management Portal

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Have you checked out Nacha's new, improved Risk Management Portal?

When you visit the Portal, many of the changes you’ll see are the direct result of input from folks like yourself who use the Portal. One of the biggest upgrades is a new left sidebar menu, intended to streamline the user experience.

In the ACH Contact Registry section of the Portal you’ll find a vastly upgraded Notes section at the top of your bank or credit union’s listing. This makes the Notes not only more prominent, but also easier to get to. 

Using the Notes section, your financial institution will be able to easily inform other FIs about special situations regarding ACH and other payments processing. You’ll also be able to share contacts for specific processes that don’t come under a specific category, helping ensure counterparts at other FIs can reach the right person. Additionally, the Notes lets you designate contacts for specific circumstances, such as ACH research or information about banks that have undergone mergers.

Another major Portal enhancement involves numbers. Nacha has tripled the number of Administrators your FI can have to a maximum of six. More staff can also be given authority to access the Portal, with 100 users now allowed, up from eight. 

Log in to Nacha’s Risk Management Portal today to see the changes. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Risk Management Portal Support. While logged in to the Portal, click the blue question mark near the top right, and then click on “Support” to open a ticket at the Risk Management Portal Support Desk. You may also call 703-349-4556 or email rmportal@nacha.org