API standardization is key to creating efficiency and interoperability in financial services. That’s where Afinis Interoperability Standards comes in. Afinis unites diverse, global stakeholders to bring intelligent innovations to market to advance efficiency, surety, security and interoperability throughout the financial services industry.


Phixius is a platform for securely exchanging payment-related information utilizing technology and rules within a network of credentialed service providers.


ISO 20022 enables greater automation and straight-through processing, while reducing payments exceptions and risk. Nacha is leading efforts to promote ISO 20022 integration in the U.S. and helping stakeholders understand the benefits and implications for our industry.

Quest EBT

The Quest® Operating Rules (Rules) set forth the requirements for the distribution of government benefits under the Quest service mark. Government entities may utilize these Rules by incorporating them in their contracts with private sector entities utilized to distribute benefits.

Healthcare EFT

It’s easy for medical and dental providers to be paid electronically. The Healthcare Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) standard supports HIPAA-compliant transactions between health plans and providers. Required information travels with the payment, simplifying accounting procedures and reducing administrative costs.

Nacha partners with the healthcare industry, using the Rules to support the standardization of payments between health plans and providers. The adapted set of rules standardizes healthcare EFTs, which is critical to the healthcare industry’s payments operation.

International ACH Transactions

As electronic payments have grown, so has their use across national borders. To ensure that cross-border payments are both efficient and secure, Nacha worked with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to develop a new ACH format that includes information on all parties to the transactions. This format allows RDFIs to easily comply with the Rules and streamline international payments.