February 28, 2024

Nacha Launches New Campaign Highlighting the Many People Benefiting from Direct Deposit

Collage of Direct Deposit Campaign Subjects

It’s perhaps the most recognizable feature of the ACH Network: Direct Deposit. It’s the way 93% of American workers are paid and nearly all Social Security recipients get their benefits. A new campaign unveiled today by Nacha aims to educate and inform people on the many other ways to simplify their lives by making the best use of Direct Deposit.  

With a spotlight on real people—not actors—the campaign showcases how Direct Deposit helps Americans seamlessly receive not only their wages but many other types of payments as well.

“From tax refunds and insurance claims to veterans’ benefits and saving for the future, Direct Deposit offers safety, ease and convenience,” said Jane Larimer, Nacha President and CEO. “This campaign shines a light on how Direct Deposit is working for people far beyond delivering their pay.”

Among those profiled is Christopher who served in the Navy and is among the 97% of veterans receiving their benefits by Direct Deposit. “It’s nice to know they’ll just arrive, so I can focus on the things that really matter,” said Christopher.

Ralph, a communications professional, relies on Direct Deposit to receive pet insurance claim reimbursements for his dogs, including Walter. “It’s great having one less thing to worry about with a rambunctious puppy like Walter,” said Ralph.

Other genuine examples include a single mother using Split Deposit to direct part of her wages to a savings account for her son’s education, and a small business owner paying employees by Direct Deposit while freeing himself from the task of writing checks.

“Part of the beauty of Direct Deposit is its ability to reach people at any U.S. bank or credit union,” said Larimer. “It’s reliably working for Americans, but they often don’t realize it. With this campaign we want to raise awareness of the ease and effectiveness with which Direct Deposit gets payments into bank accounts, reducing worry and giving us more time so we can focus on living life.”  

Visit the campaign website and learn more about Direct Deposit at DirectDeposit.org.