Risk Management

Information sharing is a key element in understanding, assessing, and managing risk. Nacha works with the industry and with the Risk Management Advisory Group to address important risk management and fraud prevention topics. Nacha’s risk management team develops tools, guidance and sound business practices for financial institutions and their ACH customers, as well as for third parties.

Nacha’s Risk Management Portal

A single resource to access all of our risk databases, industry participants can access the Third-Party Sender Registration Database, the Direct Access Registration Database, the Terminated Originator Database, and the Financial Institution Contact Database.

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Current Threats

Nacha is committed to helping financial institutions, businesses, other organizations, and consumers protect themselves and prevent fraudulent activity.

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Regulatory Guidance

Regulatory bodies such as FinCEN, FFIEC, OCC and others issue and update guidance regularly, and it is important that financial institutions and other ACH Network participants are aware of and understand the implications new regulations and guidance can have on their operations.

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Report an ACH Data Breach

ACH Data Breach Reporting provides a clear means for ODFIs to report any theft or misuse of consumer-level ACH data. That reporting, in turn, increases the Network’s security and helps Nacha mitigate future data theft.

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Risk Management Advisory Group

The Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) works with industry stakeholders and key Nacha staff to continually assess risks faced by Network participants. The group makes recommendations to Nacha about risk education, tools and resources, risk mitigation policies and potential rule changes.

In particular, RMAG has provided input on the development of key rules, such as network enforcement and risk management and assessment, published white papers on risk management, and contributed its expertise to developing Nacha’s Terminated Originator Database. The group continues to play a leading role in counteracting potential risks to the ACH Network.

RMAG is proactive and relies on member collaboration in order to help Nacha and the industry maintain a safe, efficient and high-quality ACH Network.

Additional Resources

“COVID-19 Best Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity Practices,” developed by Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance, is a top-10 list of best practices to help organizations protect themselves against evolving pandemic-related cyberthreats.

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