May 18, 2021

Talk to Nacha Consulting Before Moving ACH Processing In-House

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Bringing ACH processing in-house is a major decision for any financial institution. There’s a lot to consider—including things you might not have considered.

Kerry Sellen, AAP, APRP, is a Senior Director with Nacha Consulting, which works with clients eyeing just such a move. She said there are certain things you absolutely need to know before taking the plunge.

“The most important is understanding what your service provider is doing for you before you decide you’re going to bring it in,” said Sellen. And once the ‘who does what’ issues are identified, there are questions about how things will get done. 

Another important element is documenting all policies, procedures, and processes involved in ACH processing. 

“You need to understand how the service provider does what it does,” and how many additional tasks you’ll be taking on, said Sellen. 

Ultimately, the decision is whether to proceed, and Nacha Consulting will give it to you straight. 

“We will work with you to identify the processes that you need to bring in-house. Then we’ll look at how you will bring this in, do you have the staffing and training, what is the cost going to be? Do you have everything you need that when you start processing with an ACH Operator to do your ACH processing, you will be able to intake a file, process it, and do all of those services that the service provider was doing for you?” said Sellen.

Nacha Consulting can help answer those questions and many of the others to consider when bringing an ACH program in-house. 

“Nacha Consulting has the expertise to advise clients on not only how to do this, but how to do it in a compliant manner,” said Samantha Carrier, Nacha Senior Director, Emerging Strategic Initiatives, and leader of the Nacha Consulting Team. “It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

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