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Use of PPD Debit Entries for Check Conversion

September 25, 2005
Use of the PPD Standard Entry Class Code for the conversion of consumer checks accepted at the point of purchase for payment of goods and services is not expressly recognized under the Nacha Operating Rules, as the POP application was designed with the express purpose of converting checks at the point of purchase. 
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Citigroup Receives Nacha's 2005 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award

April 12, 2005
SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Citigroup was recognized for their respective accomplishments in electronic-payment system implementation during Nacha -The Electronic Payments Association's PAYMENTS 2005 conference. In 2004, Citigroup originated 425 million ACH payments, including on-us items, doubling its volume of 2003, and in the process jumping from the eighth to the fifth largest bank originator of ACH payments, according to the Nacha Top 50 list.Seventy-eight percent of Citigroup's ACH growth is attributable to a decision by its Citi Cards business unit to use ARC to convert checks it receives fro
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VA Honored With Kevin O'Brien Quality Award for HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Payments

April 2, 2004
Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association has selected the chief business office of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Veterans Health Administration as the recipient of the 2004 Kevin O'Brien ACH Quality Award. The award presentation will take place at Nacha's PAYMENTS 2004 conference in Seattle, Washington on March 22. The VA is being recognized for its success in implementing a nationwide electronic health care remittance and payment processing system that complies with the electronic transaction standards of HIPAA.
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Receives Nacha's 2004 Payments System Award

February 2, 2004
HERNDON, Va., Feb. 2 -- In a remarkable example of the country's movement to electronic payments, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage will process nearly 88 percent of its customers' payments electronically in the first quarter of 2004, compared with 81 percent by paper in the first quarter of 2000. In recognition of its accomplishment, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage will receive Nacha's 2004 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award.
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RDFI Customer Service Issues for ARC Payments

August 5, 2003
The ability to respond knowledgeably to customer inquiries will be an important contributor to customer acceptance of these transactions, as well as customer satisfaction with their financial institutions.
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Nacha Selects JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and TeleCheck For 2003 Kevin O'Brien ACH Quality Award; Awards Demonstrate Quality Processing of E-Checks

April 28, 2003
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association has selected JPMorgan Chase ACH, Wells Fargo, and TeleCheck as winners of the 2003 Kevin O'Brien ACH Quality Award in recognition of their successes in implementing quality Automated Clearing House (ACH) processes.  "This year's award winners are demonstrating that e-check payments can be handled with the same level of quality that ACH users have come to expect," said Mary Ann Francis, Chair of Nacha's ACH Quality Task Force and a Senior Vice President at National City Corporation.
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Cisco Systems Achieves 96 Percent Direct Deposit Participation, Receives Nacha's 2003 Payments System Award

April 28, 2003
ORLANDO, Fla., April 28 -- Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association presented the 2003 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award today at its PAYMENTS 2003 conference to Cisco Systems, Inc. of San Jose, California. Cisco Systems was recognized for its achievement of paying 96 percent of its employees by Direct Deposit. "Direct Deposit is the safest, most reliable, and most convenient way to get paid," said Elliott C. McEntee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nacha.
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ODFI Liability for Breach of Warranty

March 28, 2003
The question relates to whether an ODFI’s liability for a breach of its warranty that an ACH entry is authorized is limited to the period of time in which an RDFI has the right to return the entry through the ACH Network (i.e., sixty days after the settlement date of the entry for consumer transactions and two days after the settlement date of the entry for non-consumer transactions) or whether this liability exists for a longer period of time.
Operations Bulletin

Telephone-Initiated (TEL) Entries

September 19, 2002
This Operations Bulletin is intended to identify specific risk management concerns related to the origination of TEL entries and to clarify key rules obligations with respect to proper authorization and use of the TEL application. 
Operations Bulletin