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Information on recent and upcoming changes to the NACHA Operating Rules helps you stay informed about ACH payment requirements. Review current and upcoming Rules, including each Rule’s impact, technical information, details and FAQs.


Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 3)

Upcoming - Effective 3/16/2018

New capabilities of Same Day ACH become effective over three phases to allow financial institutio

Third-Party Sender Registration

Upcoming - Effective 9/29/2017

This rule will require Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs) to identify and register their Third-Party Sender customers. The registration process will promote consistent customer due diligence among all ODFIs, and serve as a tool to support NACHA’s continuing efforts to maintain ACH Network quality.


Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 2)

Upcoming - Effective 9/15/2017

New capabilities of Same Day ACH become effective over phases to allow financial institutions and

Recently implemented

Improving ACH Network Quality - Unauthorized Entry Fee

Recently implemented - Effective 10/3/2016

This rule is intended to improve ACH Network quality by reducing the incidence of ACH debits that are returned as unauthorized. 

Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 1)

Recently implemented - Effective 9/23/2016

This Rule will provide a new, ubiquitous capability for moving ACH payments faster and enable the same-day processing of virtually any ACH payment. 

Minor Rules Topics

Recently implemented - Effective 8/18/2016

These rules amend the NACHA Operating Rules (Rules) to address a variety of minor topics. Minor changes to the Rules have little-to-no impact on ACH participants and no significant economic impact. These changes became effective upon approval on August 18, 2016. 

Disclosure Requirements for POS Entries

Recently implemented - Effective 3/18/2016

This Rule establishes an Originator/Third-Party Service Provider obligation to provide consumer Receivers with certain disclosures when providing those consumers with cards used to initiate ACH Point of Sale (POS) Entries.

ACH Network Risk and Enforcement Topics

Recently implemented - Effective 9/18/2015

This Rule will improve the overall quality of the ACH Network by reducing the incidence of returned Entries and the associated costs, both financial and reputational, that such returned Entries impose on the ACH Network and its participants. 

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