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Calling all innovators! Participate in Afinis' joint efforts to streamline the modern payments industry. We're more than 50 members strong, with nearly 30 APIs being part of more than 4 million API transactions!
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Afinis APIs support industry innovation. APIs have been used in the payments ecosystem for years to automate tasks, reduce friction and improve communication flows. But many organizations use unique, incompatible, customized APIs with varied formats and names for common terms and processes. And developing hundreds of versions of the same API is inefficient and wastes time and money. Nacha’s Afinis program addresses this redundancy by bringing the industry together to create standardized versions of commonly-needed APIs.

Afinis is THE organization for API standardization in the payments industry. Some of the most influential organizations use Afinis API standards and participate in Afinis’ joint efforts to build a streamlined payments system.

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