April 19, 2019

Become an AAP

Any professional in the payments industry can work towards accreditation. If you have worked in ACH for years, you will add a highly respected qualification to your resume; if you are relatively new to the field, you will give yourself an edge over the competition.  Nacha requires at least one year working in the payments industry before taking the exam. If you do not have one year's experience, you can request a waiver from your employer or your Payments Association. The next exam window is Monday, Oct. 7, 2024 - Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024. Register Today

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Having training that your competitors don't have can set you apart when pursuing new business opportunities or bidding on new projects. AAPs demonstrate a commitment to understanding and excelling in electronic payments, with an emphasis on topics related to the ACH Network.

Remain Compliant & Current

Organizations employing AAPs more readily comply with the Nacha Operating Rules and are able to address operational issues in a timely and efficient manner. AAPs must stay up-to-date on the Rules and other regulations affecting electronic payments. Additionally, auditors and regulators typically look to see if the organization employs AAPs.

Execute Projects More Efficiently

AAPs provide organizations with a solid foundation. The advanced training, information and knowledge gained from specialized coursework provides organizations with tools and strategies that will guide and direct you in project execution. AAPs are committed to superior professionalism and upholding industry standards.

Build Professional Credibility

As an AAP, you will inevitably become the "go-to" payments expert in your organization and professional network. An increasing number of organizations want (or may even be required) to engage AAPs. Being an AAP can help boost your professional credibility and prestige within your own network and with your current clients.

Preparing for the AAP Exam

Our test-taking process is both efficient and flexible. After you register for the exam on Nacha.org, you will receive a confirmation email with an ID number to use to set up a specific testing date and location. We partner with Pearson VUE to use its computer-based testing facilities around the country, so you have plenty of options in choosing your exam time and locale. Testing centers are at community colleges, universities, IT centers and aviation centers.

After registering, you'll receive an email outlining how to schedule a convenient time, date and location to take the AAP exam. Additionally, you will receive The Accredited ACH Professional Handbook. While a great resource, it should not be your only source of preparation. Below are the recommended resources to help you prepare to take the exam. 

Resources for Exam Preparations

Payments Associations

Payments Associations offer AAP exam preparation courses virtually and in-person nationwide. Connect with your Payment Association and see what training they offer.

The AAP Buddy Program

This mentoring program pairs aspiring AAPs with a current AAP who has volunteered their time to help guide the prospective AAP throughout their study period. Get a Buddy! August 1, 2024, is the deadline to sign up for a buddy for the 2024 AAP exam.

The AAP/APRP Exchange

Access to this popular social networking site encourages interaction between aspiring and current AAPs and APRPs. As a member, you can post or respond to questions, help others to be compliant with the Nacha Operating Rules, government rules and regulations, software and hardware solutions, and more.

Publications & Other Study Materials

Nacha, in cooperation with the Payments Associations, offers a variety of resources to help prepare you for the exam. Visit the Store to view the materials.