November 11, 2019

Object Model


This diagram shows the basic container hierarchy of every object in the IFX Standard. The data attributes commonly associated with an object are found mostly in the xxxInfo segment and the current state of the object is found in the xxxStatus segment.



Extended Discussion

Another significant advantage of the IFX Object Model is that it offers an easy-to-understand common reference for mapping your data and your partners’ data to the standard.

Here are some key concepts of the IFX Object Model:

  • Every IFX object adheres to this exact same design pattern.
  • The names of the data elements in every object are constructed exactly the same way. You have only to substitute the name of the object for the xxx pattern in these lists to arrive at the exact tag name for a specific group of data elements.
  • This consistent application of rules and patterns makes it easy to extend the standard and makes it clear where your data extensions will reside.


Object List


BMS Object Name Keywords
Acct Deposit Account, Loan Account, Certificate of Deposit, CD, Time Deposit, Credit Account, Rewards Account, Mortgage Account, Secured Loan Account, Unsecured Loan Account
AcctAcctRel Sweep, Interest Distribution, Overdraft, Notional Pooling.
AcctHold Account Hold, Permanent Hold, Check Hold, Court Order Hold, Restriction, ACH Hold, Authorization Hold, Collateral Hold, Secured Account Hold
AcctPayOff Loan PayOff, Payoff Request, PayOff Estimate
AcctStmt Account Statement, Financial Statement, Bank Statement, Interim Statement
AcctTrn Transaction History, Transaction Search, Account Transaction
AcctTrnImg Check Image, Deposit Slip Image
Alert Notification, SMS Text
Ath Authorization, Transaction Authorization, Credit Authorization
Bill Account Statement, Invoice, Notification, Billing Statement
Biller Creditor
Card ATM Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Prepaid Card, Pin Reset, Temporary PIN
CardAcctRel Card Account Relationship, Credit Card Account, Card to Account Relationship
CardOrder New Card Order, Pin Order
CardUpdate Issuer Script Command, Prescript, Pre-Script
ChkAccept Check Acceptance, Check Authorization, Check Verification, Funds Verification
ChkIssue Check Issue, Positive Pay
ChkOrd Check Order, Order Checks
ChkSum CheckSum
CompRemitStmt Comprehensible Remittance Statement, Lockbox
Credit Credit Transaction, Deposit, Cash Deposit, Check Deposit, Merchandise Return, Check Payment, Envelope Deposit
CustPayee Customer Payee, Add Biller, Add Bill
Debit Debit Transaction, Withdrawal, Fee, Purchase, Purchase Cash Back, Credit Card Advance, ACH Verification
DepBkOrd Deposit Book Order
Dev Device
Disc Disclosure, Agreement, Terms And Conditions
Dispute Dispute, Credit Card Dispute, Transaction Dispute
ForExDeal Foreign Exchange Deal, FX
ForExQuote Foreign Exchange Quote, FX
ForExRateSheet Foreign Exchange Rate Sheet, Rate Inquiry, FX
ICCUpdate Issuer Script Command, Prescript, Pre-Script
Inventory Cards, Order Volume, Reorder Level, Seasonal Order, Stamps, Check Stock, Money Orders, Envelopes
MagCardUpdate Issuer Script Command, Prescript, Pre-Script
MediaAcct Media Account, Teller Drawer, ATM Container, Safe, Recycler, Cassette, Vault
MediaAcctTrn Media Account Transaction, Buy, Sell, Dispense, Replenish, Set Balance
Note Comments, Special Instructions, Remarks
Offer Opportunity, Campaign, Products, Services
Party Customer, Consumer, Prospect, User, Attorney, Ownership, Responsibility, Signatory, Organization, Retail, Trustee, Guarantor, Guardian, Executor, Administrator, Borrower, Co-Borrower
PartyAcctRel Party Account Relationship, Owner, Individual, Joint Tenant, POD, Payable on Death, Power Of Attorney, POA, Trustee, Guarantor, Guardian, Executor, Administrator, Signatory, Borrower, Co-Borrower
PartyCardRel Party Card Relationship, Primary, Secondary
PartyPartyRel Party Party Relationship, Householding, Customer Grouping
PartySvcAcctRel Party Service Account Relationship, Billpay, Account Link
PartySvcRel Party Service Relationship, Service Link
Passbk Passbook
PassbkItem Passbook, Transaction, Printed Item
Pmt Payment, Credit, ACH, SWIFT, CHAPS, CHIPS, Book Transfer, Debit Network, ePay, Federal Reserve Network, Remittance
PmtBatch Payment Batch, ISO20022, PAIN, Direct Debit, Payment Cancellation, Payment Reversal, Credit Transfer
PmtBatchStat Payment Batch Status, ISO20022 Payment Status Report
PmtEncl Payment Enclosed Transaction, Envelope Deposit, Cash Deposit, Check Deposit
ProdIntRate Product Interest Rate, APY, Rate Tier, Accrual Method, Compound, Prime, LIBOR, APR
PurchItem Purchase Item, Prepaid
RecurChkOrd Recurring Check Order, Recurring Model, Repeating, Instances, see ChkOrd
RecurPmt Recurring Payment, Recurring Model, Repeating, Instances, see Pmt
RecurXfer Recurring Transfer, Recurring Model, Repeating, Instances, see Xfer
Remit Remittance, Payment, Bill, Invoice, Payable, see Pmt
SecObj Security Object, PIN, Key, Encryption, Password, Certificate
StdPayee Standard Payee, Biller, Creditor, Payable To
StopChk Stop Check, Stop Payment
Svc Service
SvcProvider Service Provider, Host, Application, Owner
TerminalObj Terminal Object, ATM, POS, Device
TerminalSPObj Terminal Service Provider Object, Host, Application, Owner
Trn Transaction, Credit, Debit
Xfer Transfer, Credit, Debit