Voice Payments Executive Briefing Series

From 2020 - 2022, members of the Payments Innovation Alliance's Conversational Payments and Cybersecurity Response Project Teams developed a series of voice payments-focused Executive Briefings. 

These publications educate payments professionals about needed considerations relating to voice payments made over smart speakers and voice-assisted devices -- consumer technologies that surged in popularity over the past five years. Please download these free publications and share with your colleagues. Visit the Payments Innovation Alliance for more information on how your company can get involved with our programs and thought leadership development.


Executive Briefing Series
Cover Executive Briefing 1

Voice Payments: An Introduction and Overview

An introduction to conversational payments including definitions of common terms.

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Executive Briefing 2 cover

A Deep Dive into the Technology Behind Voice Payments

Explores how voice payments use AI technology and provides an in-depth look at how machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and computer vision allow this to work.

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Executive Briefing 3 cover

Voice Payments: Contractual Considerations for Financial Institutions

A legal and risk mitigation resource guide for financial institutions seeking to implement voice payment capabilities and applications (skills) through smart speakers and related voice-assisted devices.

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Executive Briefing Cover 4

Voice Payments: Guide to Nacha’s Operating Rules

Identifies the most common conversational payments use cases, offers answers to frequently asked questions and assists in determining the Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes for consumer bill payment use cases using voice-assisted devices or smart speakers for ACH payments.

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Unwrapping Smart Speakers

Related Resource: Unwrapping Smart Speakers

Provides best practices to protect consumers from vulnerabilities of cyber threats and unwanted data sharing in their homes.

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