January 21, 2020

Nacha and Center for Payments Members Partner on Nacha Certified

HERNDON, Va., Jan. 22, 2020 – Nacha is partnering with seven members of The Center for Payments to expand the reach of Nacha Certified, a voluntary certification program for Third-Party Senders that enhances the quality of the ACH Network. 

Under a new cooperative agreement, seven Center for Payments member payments associations are able to conduct Nacha Certified reviews. These participants have been trained by Nacha and use Nacha’s materials to assess whether a Third-Party Sender applicant meets all Nacha Certified criteria. Final approval of all reviews will come from Nacha.

“This is a cooperative program between Nacha and the payments associations, designed to contribute to the high quality of payments that flow through the ACH Network,” said Michael Herd, Nacha Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration. “We’re working together to make Nacha Certified a success and bring more Third-Party Senders into certification. The payments associations are uniquely positioned to help make that happen.”

“The Nacha Certified program supports ePayResource’s objective to ensure that all stakeholders in the payments value chain thoroughly understand and execute their obligations under the Nacha Operating Rules,” said Laura Steele, President and CEO of ePayResources, a member of The Center for Payments. “The program enhances the trend for excellence in payments established by The Center for Payments’ education and audit services.”

The Center for Payments members partnering with Nacha in this effort are:

•    ePayAdvisors
•    EPCOR
•    NEACH Payments Group
•    Payment Advisory Resource
•    Payments First
•    WesPay Advisors

All Third-Party Senders that have been in payments processing for at least two years are eligible to become Nacha Certified. Achieving Nacha Certified status signals to customers, financial institutions and peers that a Third-Party Sender meets Nacha’s standards for sound core practices in ACH payment processing, has a solid risk and compliance program, and demonstrates stability and sound governance. Learn more at nachacertified.org